Recommended lists for Cafes & Coffee

Recommended lists of Cafes & Coffee in Singapore
16 Coffees Worth Traveling For
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee 16 Coffees Worth Traveling For From sipping filtered batch brews in a green courtyard to slurping old school butter kopi in a Lavender coffeeshop, there are 16 different coffee experiences for you in this handy guide! Add these coffee spots to your Wishlist and explore the best and most unique coffees Singapore has to offer.
20 Best Cafes 2016
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee 20 Best Cafes 2016 One year on and a lot of eating later, we are thrilled to present to you Burpple's Guide to 20 Best Cafes 2016. These 20 cafes are on this list only because we answered a resounding YES to the following questions. One, do they serve tasty food? Two, do they have good drinks (extra points for coffee)? And three, would we happily return to just hang out? So bring a friend (or a good book), pack your appetite and get set for a month of cafe hopping!
Cafes with A Touch Of Nostalgia
Interesting, Cafes & Coffee Cafes with A Touch Of Nostalgia The recent invasion of cafes in Singapore may have seen many unique concepts, and a lot of them have also tapped on old-school features to bring back the Singapore that we were familiar of. This list compiles cafes which have incorporated that nostalgia yet familiar feel of home; some of them even from the old days itself

Top 10 Places for Cafes & Coffee

Top 10 places for Cafes & Coffee

Latest Reviews for Cafes & Coffee

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cafes & Coffee
"The Wild Child"..

a cocktail named after a young French girl from Champagne who survived in the wild for many years. Upon returning to civilization, she became a nun.
This has vodka and champagne along with other components. A very sexy red which was sufficient to seduce one to slowly sip and savor. I dont take alcohol but judging from my friend's look, it must have tasted pretty amazing. A fine touch to use the teeny tiny clothes peg to secure the sprig. A cocktail that silently screams daintyness and elegance with a robust flavor.
Thank you @chunyengee @fynnssg for the invite to an awesome dining experience. Thank you Ling for your warm hospitality. Thank you Aun and team for an amazing meal.
Thank you @tiara_star @with.rachelle for being my wonderful guests and it was a superbly fantastic bonding time.

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Pink cooler and passionfruit fashion drinks at $12 each.

Sakoo Piek - sago, coconut ice cream and shavings for $7.50. Good, refreshing way to end the evening out. #burpple #tingzieeats

The grand finale and curtain call to an excellent meal falls to this bubbling hot Bread and Butter Pudding ($10).

Never one to rave about this dessert as many places either make it mediocrely or it just doesn't look appealing but my perception of it took a 360 turn here. My benchmark for bread and butter pudding has now been set at an all time high after having Firebake's version.

Using their fruit loaf as the bread base, a crème anglaise custard mixture containing sugar, egg yolks, hot milk and vanilla beans from the vanilla pod, was poured in. Upon order, this mini cauldron is transported into the custom-built oven. After a preparation time of 15 minutes, out came this bad boy bubbling away, waiting to be devoured. Absolutely divine.

Address: 237, East Coast Road, Singapore 428930

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{Norwegian Salmon Capellini}

Wow this was so good I don't even know where to begin.

The smoked salmon was p e r f e c t with the mentaiko (scroll right to see) and rarely do I come across places that put one dollop of mentaiko right there wew!! The angel hair pasta, though resembling a bit like mee kia, was al dente and went well with the light cream that wasn't too gelat. SUPERB DISH that's highly recommended! 😍😋

[White Rose Cafe, York Hotel] - The star of the latest edition of Penang Hawkers' Fare is the Duck Porridge.

The porridge comes with braised duck meat, pig's innards, ginger strips and spring onions. What makes me gone back for a second bowl is the fragrant and flavourful braising sauce that is drizzled over the comforting bowl of duck porridge.
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Chocolate Frangipane & Caramalised Pear Tart

One of the not-so-familiar tarts that was sitting in the display cabinet during my visit today.

A smooth, chocolatey layer that sits beneath the crumbly surface over the top (like a Soft but rich warm brownie), the tart also comes with chunks of soft and subtly sweet caramalised pears for some bite. The tart base is the usual; crusty and buttery and crumbles down neatly — the tart that would work well with chocolate lovers with a slight twist!


Prodigal Roasters has put their Cold Brew into their menu — there are options for 2 shots, 3 shots and 4 shots of espresso in their bottled cold brew; the Magic being the 2 shots variant. A pretty milky and creamy concoction with a light, nutty finish — pretty intrigued with how the other two variants would taste like especially with the additional shots of espresso.