Recommended lists for Desserts

Recommended lists of Desserts in Singapore
18 Best Places for Toast in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Breakfast & Brunch, Desserts 18 Best Places for Toast in Singapore We've sifted through all the options to roll out this list, and it's everything you knead to know. Whether soaked in custard then fried, or warmed then slathered with butter, these toasts will no dough-t satisfy at any time of the day.
15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Korean Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!
Going Bananas For Banana Bread
Cafes & Coffee, Cakes, Desserts Going Bananas For Banana Bread My never-ending journey to try all the banana bread, cakes and loaves I can find. Yes, I may have a banana bread fetish.
To Die For Molten Lava Cakess
Cakes, Desserts To Die For Molten Lava Cakess Being lava fanatic, I'm on a journey to search for some of he best lava cakes In Singapore.

Top 10 Places for Desserts

Top 10 places for Desserts

Latest Reviews for Desserts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Desserts
Sinsa Patbingsoo ($14.90)
Rock melon, red beans (pat), cornflakes, nata de coco & vanilla icecream.

Very fine shaved ice just the way I like it. The generous portions & price points here put many bingsoo outlets out there to shame.

Chocolate Frangipane & Caramalised Pear Tart

One of the not-so-familiar tarts that was sitting in the display cabinet during my visit today.

A smooth, chocolatey layer that sits beneath the crumbly surface over the top (like a Soft but rich warm brownie), the tart also comes with chunks of soft and subtly sweet caramalised pears for some bite. The tart base is the usual; crusty and buttery and crumbles down neatly — the tart that would work well with chocolate lovers with a slight twist!


Prodigal Roasters has put their Cold Brew into their menu — there are options for 2 shots, 3 shots and 4 shots of espresso in their bottled cold brew; the Magic being the 2 shots variant. A pretty milky and creamy concoction with a light, nutty finish — pretty intrigued with how the other two variants would taste like especially with the additional shots of espresso.

The classic Margherita.

Fresh basil leaves on the cheesy thin crust pizza, one cannot to wrong with this. This simple pizza was light on the palette, leaving us with enough stomach space for other dishes. This fared better than their pasta, and if I were to come back here, I would order their pizzas again.

Working in a pretty cafe = better work efficiency 💐☕️🍰 <Honey Chamomile Tea Cake $4.50> Place Abit Warm though.

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