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12 Best Places for French in Singapore
Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.

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[The Disgruntled Brasserie] - the Bailey's Creme Caramel ($18) will delight those that enjoy's alocohol in the dessert.

There are Remy Martin cherry compote, cocoa rice crisps and kahlua ice cream.
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French dining and wine bar with a good selection of rare fine wines said to be found only here 👉 click active link in bio for full review.

Have a wonderful day my dears 💋

The Beef Bourguignon was lovely and dainty - red wine braised tender beef rolled up artfully, served with mashed potato and vegetables. Flavour was not too heavy like the usual French dishes - it was lovely, and easy on both teeth and palate.

Trout Confit

4 munchies: Smoked lightly to retain its mild and delicate flavour, the confit of trout makes a great starter at this Modern European diner. It was fresh and clean-tasting; garnished with sliced kabu, squid ink aioli, and pickled pearl onion. #Burpproved

Jardin du Masslalot
The recreation of the classic creme brûlée.

Light creamy custard dotted with vanilla beans, crackling caramel crust and seasonal fruits soaked in 5 different liquor.
No wonder this one of the permanent fixtures at @madaboutsucre
Monster fell in love at the first bite.
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[The Disgruntled Brasserie] - Sometime old is gold.

I like the Chocolate Fondant ($18) among the 4 desserts we tried. The chocolate fondant has a slightly crisp exterior, giving it a nice texture contrast. The bittersweet chocolate flavour is beautifully paired with creme anglaise and pistachio ice cream for a harmonize finish.
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Alaskan King Crab Mentaiko Squid Ink Pasta 🍝 SGD 20.90.

Just remember to wipe your mouth before you smile at your babe
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[The Disgruntled Brasserie] - the Foie Gras & Peanut Butter Miso ($18) was a bit disappointing.

The richness of the peanut butter miso kind of masked the taste of the foie gras, losing the focus of the dish. Saying that the black current gel and poached grapes gave a refreshing touch to the dish.
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Yesterday's lunch at Les Amis (6) // And to round off the meal on a sweeter note, I selected le chocolat 76% de l'équateur: dark chocolate soufflé paired with Mauritius vanilla bean ice cream.

I'm usually not one for dark chocolate but I've been consuming it a fair bit (ok fine maybe that dark chocolate Toblerone I have to keep myself awake at work doesn't really count, but whatever) and I just wanted chocolate so this was an obvious choice for me. The dark chocolate (from Ecuador) wasn't very bitter and like how soufflé is was very light. The staff suggested that we place the ice cream on top of the soufflé to enjoy both the hot and cold (see next picture). I don't know about you but soufflé is sometimes a hit and miss and this is obviously a hit. Funny thing is, although I selected the richer and what I thought would be more flavourful dishes on the menu, the flavours of each dish balanced off well on its own and wasn't too heavy. We received a very kind gesture at the end of our meal too - a box of almond cake which was unsurprisingly great and I am obviously keeping the tin. Nothing to complain about and definitely well deserving of all its accolades. #burpple #burpplesg #greedtakesoversg #lesamis #lesamisgroup #michelinstar #twomichelinstars #michelinguide #michelinguidesg #finedining

Yesterday's lunch at Les Amis (5) // Now on to the main - le bœuf japonaise (supplement $30): omi beef with pommes soufflés and chef's interpretation of béarnaise sauce.

The béarnaise sauce is deconstructed, so from the top it's hollandaise, shallots and tarragon. To be very honest, I was a tad bit disappointed by the small portion of omi beef (don't know what I was expecting). But it was satisfactory enough, more so as I continued to the end where there was more salt and pepper. You know beef is good when it tastes good on its own and with a bit of salt and pepper. I also really liked the potato soufflés! Well salted and so crispy. #burpple #burpplesg #greedtakesoversg #lesamis #lesamisgroup #michelinstar #twomichelinstars #michelinguide #michelinguidesg #finedining

Yesterday's lunch at Les Amis (4) // For the hot starter, le foie gras de canard poêlé: pan seared foie gras and French river eel with citrus fruit compotée and dashi.

The fruit compote included apple and grapefruit, and there is also tempura crisp. The foie gras is topped with roasted sesame seeds and can we all please flip to the next picture to appreciate the thickness of this foie gras?? Such creamy foie gras with zero taste of game. The eel tasted fairly rich but the fruit compote definitely helped to cut through the strong flavours. Not to mention that the small cup of dashi broth (not pictured) offered really helped to cleanse the palate. This was easily my most favourite dish of the set. #burpple #burpplesg #greedtakesoversg #lesamis #lesamisgroup #michelinstar #twomichelinstars #michelinguide #michelinguidesg #finedining

Yesterday's lunch at Les Amis (3) // We ordered the 3 course + 1 dessert prixe fixe set at $108.

Here's my choice of cold starter - le crab en frivolité: crab prepared au court-bouillon served in a roll of feuille de brick with caviar. For you and me in layman's terms, crab and (I think) green apple wrapped in filo pastry and topped with caviar, edible shiso flowers and silver leaf, with a rim of salmon and balsamic vinaigrette. Flip to the next picture to see the slice-through. A light start and I liked the textures. #burpple #burpplesg #greedtakesoversg #lesamis #lesamisgroup #michelinstar #twomichelinstars #michelinguide #michelinguidesg #finedining