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Recommended lists of Japanese food and restaurants in Singapore
15 Best Izakayas in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Dinner with Drinks, Japanese 15 Best Izakayas in Singapore As izakayas continue to spring up all over Singapore, we’ve realized that this might just be one of the most fun forms of dining — if you’ve yet to try, you really should. These casual, lively Japanese watering holes are meant for groups of friends to wind down over bite-sized goodies and beers after work. You can keep going for hours, ordering small bites and more drinks as your worries slip away. We've sussed out the best izakayas — from crispy chicken tails in Orchard to rosti mentai in the CBD and buta kakuni in Tanjong Pagar — start saving these places to your Wishlist!
13 Best Places for Chirashi in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Japanese 13 Best Places for Chirashi in Singapore If you're fishing for a good chirashi, here's our haul of the oiishiest in town! It doesn't matter if you like yours topped with flame-torched seafood, thick sashimi cuts or plump marinated cubes of fish, we've got you covered ranging from value-for-money bowls to splurge-worthy extravaganza!
Best Sushi in Singapore
Sushi, Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Sushi in Singapore Sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. The best sushi is definitely worth paying for, but if you don't have the funds to travel to Japan and get the best sushi, fret not. Featured are places that give you a bang for your buck, depending on how much you are willing to spend ;)

Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
Explore Ramen, Sushi, Teppanyaki in Japanese

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese
Ramen fans, good news!

A new ramen place is in town!
Jimoto Ya, the new ramen kid on the block will excite your taste buds with a new ramen broth- sweet prawn (amaebi) + pork bone!
Expect to savour a bowl of springy noodles in a super flavorful and aromatic prawn broth that will be kept warm throughout the meal due to the layer of ebi oil on top.
Instead of cha shu, the ramen will be accompanied by minced meat that has been fried in its own fat and a perfectly cooked Japanese onsen egg.
Featured: Shio (white bowl), Curry (black bowl) and Miso Ebi Ramen (red bowl)
Where to find this?
Jimoto Ya @jimotoya
3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row L1-44, S048660

Mon to Sat: 11.30am to 10pm; Sun: Closed
S$16.50++ (ala carte), S$19++ (ramen+side+tea)

Sashimi Moriawase + Gohan ($16.50 + $2.50)

Couldn't find chirashi don on the menu, so I made my own! They're offering a 20% off all sashimi now, so it was a great deal to get 10 pieces of really nice and fresh seafood for the price. Overall a good, quick lunch!

Kokoro Gin ($150/bottle)
Attended last night's launch party @CacheSingapore (tapas bar embedded in @IZYSingapore) for this Japanese-themed London Dry distilled gin (42% alc), first in our country!

Preciously imported from sustainable sources in Afan Woodland of Nagano prefecture, Japan - this exceptional British gin, Japanese at heart, contains botanicals like juniper, coriander, angelica, sweet orange, almond, liquorice, savory, lemon peel & fresh sansho berries.
Glad to have also tried the Kokoro Corpse Reviver Cocktail ($18), Nigiri ($18) & Uzaku ($18). Thanks @oo_Foodielicious for the extended invite, & @CacheSingapore & @IZYSingapore for the wonderful hospitality! Nice to also have met some lovely ladies from @GainBrands! What a night.

Thumbs up!

Worth-trying. A nice and quiet place to chill-out with friends too. 😋👍
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Salmon Mentai

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Craving for these Vietnamese Sliders at with their premium A4 Grade Beef.

🐄 🐄 Love how this place innovate vietnamese food but still preserves that authentic taste. Wish they could put more beef tho. 🙈🙈🙈 #myhungryhead #sgcafefood #burpple #igdaily

From now till 30th April 2017, use your OCBC credit/debit card to swipe swipe and enjoy this variety Meat Platter (340g) @ $99!

🐮🐄🐂 Mooooo + receive a $10 return voucher with any amount spent wor. #iloveocbcbank because I was ex-OCBC employee 🤣💪🏿
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Using a blend of japanese sweet prawns and pork bone, the broth base is thick, sweet and robust in flavour, and gives the sticky gleam of gelatin on one's lips as one slurps the broth.

Adding soya sauce seasoning to it gives this delish shoyu ramen (pictured). Simmered in it is the hokkaido-styled ramen that is springy and delightful with each bite.
What's notable is that this bowl of goodness stays warm throughout my meal, due to the layer of oil however that also adds flavour to the broth.
Created by the Chef Mieda of Michelin-starred Kaiseki restaurant, it officially launches on 27 March.
Thank you @jimotoyasg for hosting us and @justinfoodprints for extending the soft launch tasting invite to me. Great company, great food!
Pictured: Ebi Shoyu Ramen $16.50 ala-carte / $19.50 set (comes with side & tea)
🍜Jimoto Ya
3 Pickering St, Nanking Row #01-44/45
Singapore 048660

Ryo Sushi - Omakase 15 Course Menu : Crab Hand Roll - (カニのハンドロール) 🦀
Never expected much for this Crab Hand Roll.

It captures curiosity well & it will grab your attention after the first bite. Crispy Seaweed, Generous & Tasty Crab Meat was what made this Crab Hand Roll kinda memorable. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Oshibori おしぼり, the Warm Wet Towel you receive prior to commencing your sushi meal, Please use it. After cleaning your hands, Roll it Neatly so that the Towel looks the same as it was Presented. 🎏
Some Restaurants will replace it while others will let you keep it for the Duration of meal. Definitely Use it to Wipe your Fingers during the Meal Especially when you're eating Sushi with your Hands. 👌🏻(Traditionally Eaten with the Fingers, Even in Formal Settings)

[Sg] Finally tried the tempura that everyone has been raving about 🍤Queued for about 30 minutes for a table for 2, the place was quite small!

The portions were quite good and I really love the fried green beans!! Prawns were okay but when it came to the tail end part it was cold? Love the chicken, how it was nice on the outside and really tender on the inside. My only disappointment was that the sauce made the tempura soggy and it affected the crispness of the whole tempura experience. Maybe on that day they were off form. Well would I go back? Yeah! Made my tummy full for 15 bucks on a busy day! #ahungrywessg #burpple #BurppleSGValueForMoney .
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