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Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Korean, Good For Groups Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
The Korean Wave
Korean The Korean Wave The latest craze of food in town ever since Koreans shook things up with their K culture from drama serials to K-Pop. Find out the places that does them proper here!

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Sinsa Patbingsoo ($14.90)
Rock melon, red beans (pat), cornflakes, nata de coco & vanilla icecream.

Very fine shaved ice just the way I like it. The generous portions & price points here put many bingsoo outlets out there to shame.

Crispy af Korean fried chicken topped with whipped potato and cream.

Really enjoyed the different combinations of flavors and textures but that being said I think I'll just stick to the classic fried chicken the next time. 🙃

Pity that the overall dining experience was let down by subpar service 😒

Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Ideal for our forever summer weather, Bornga’s Naeng Myun is just the dish to beat the heat.

A tad apprehensive at first as I didn’t enjoy the mul-naengmyun I had in Seoul a couple years back, their rendition was surprising good - having the right amount of mustard sauce and splash of vinegar to give it a pleasant piquant and tangy finish. Prepared typically with beef broth and “radish water kimchi” broth, the clear, icy-cold base was refreshingly sweet. The added textures from the shredded pear, crunchy cucumber, pickled radish, boiled egg, thin beef slices atop the small mountain of chewy buckwheat noodles and even the bits of ice; really enhanced the whole experience with all the elements harmonized. Also doubling up as a palate cleanser, the slurping-good bowl was the perfect ending after a satisfying yet hot, greasy barbecue.
This was a hosted meal.

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Trilogy Rice Cake with Honey ($5.90)

Honey-glazed with a crisp exterior, chewy toppoki of sweet potato, pumpkin & cheese

Mango ice cream and cubes with slices of banana over huge mountain of finely shaved ice soaked in sweet milk...

yummy... @icelabcafe
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Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Love the slightly foggy looking ginseng soup that was loaded with tender fall of the bone flesh!

Kimcheese Bacon pancake

Everything about this is comfort. Think bacon, chives, cheese, on a pancake base fried to a crisp. Not bad really, if only it wasn't half as oily/sinful and had actual pieces of kimchi instead. Not sure if bacon made for the best topping too, since the texture of fried bacon in itself is craggy, add that to the already-crisp pancake.
Portions here at this mod-Korean bar are on the small side for the price. They have makgeolli which tastes more like soda.

For Impressive Nine-Tier Seafood Towers

At this sleek Korean seafood joint on Amoy Street, you'll be served staggering seafood towers filled with ingredients like scallops, Boston lobsters and even Sri Lankan crab — all stacked on top of a soup broth of your choice (seafood, kimchi, ginseng or army stew (additional $10)). Each table bears its own in-built induction plate which heats the tower and keeps it steaming, allowing the natural flavours of the seafood to flow back down into the broth. Prices start from $58 for a Three-Tier Tower that is good for two to three to share, and go upward to $298 for a feast that would feed a group of eight to 10. We like how the restaurant thoughtfully includes dustbins built into the table for discarding your empty shells. Apart from their signature towers, they also serve Korean dishes like the incredibly flavourful Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17.90) and a fun Shake Shake Rice Box ($9.90) that you have to rattle vigourously to mix all the ingredients!
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17.90)

If you're not in the mood for some crazy tiered-seafood, K Tower offers other dishes like this comforting ginseng chicken soup for the tired soul.

Clean, well-balanced and light, with distinct ginseng flavour without being too overpowering; this might be one of the better ones I've had in Singapore. Cooked for hours to get the best out of it so rest assured all that goodness comes with no MSG!