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Recommended lists of Late Night in Singapore
10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories
Supper, Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare, Late Night 10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories From stressful and terrifying (but so worth it!) midnight yong tau fu adventures, to post-mahjong kuay chap cravings and impromptu late night prata sessions in university, these nostalgic #Hawkerpedia stories are testament to Singapore's undying love for food, any time of the day.

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Top 10 places for Late Night

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Kokoro Gin ($150/bottle)
Attended last night's launch party @CacheSingapore (tapas bar embedded in @IZYSingapore) for this Japanese-themed London Dry distilled gin (42% alc), first in our country!

Preciously imported from sustainable sources in Afan Woodland of Nagano prefecture, Japan - this exceptional British gin, Japanese at heart, contains botanicals like juniper, coriander, angelica, sweet orange, almond, liquorice, savory, lemon peel & fresh sansho berries.
Glad to have also tried the Kokoro Corpse Reviver Cocktail ($18), Nigiri ($18) & Uzaku ($18). Thanks @oo_Foodielicious for the extended invite, & @CacheSingapore & @IZYSingapore for the wonderful hospitality! Nice to also have met some lovely ladies from @GainBrands! What a night.

Ryo Sushi - Omakase 15 Course Menu : Crab Hand Roll - (カニのハンドロール) 🦀
Never expected much for this Crab Hand Roll.

It captures curiosity well & it will grab your attention after the first bite. Crispy Seaweed, Generous & Tasty Crab Meat was what made this Crab Hand Roll kinda memorable. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Oshibori おしぼり, the Warm Wet Towel you receive prior to commencing your sushi meal, Please use it. After cleaning your hands, Roll it Neatly so that the Towel looks the same as it was Presented. 🎏
Some Restaurants will replace it while others will let you keep it for the Duration of meal. Definitely Use it to Wipe your Fingers during the Meal Especially when you're eating Sushi with your Hands. 👌🏻(Traditionally Eaten with the Fingers, Even in Formal Settings)

Atas 菜販

Texture of brown rice was really good (if that can even go wrong), salmon poached-grilled well but smaller in size compared to 'grain Traders', papaya salad was really refreshing with a slight spicy kick, sweet potato was too heavily sweetened. Didn't choose a sauce to be drenched over cos FOR WHAT? furikake topping never goes wrong.

Chill Out Dinner

Shop Name: Sakon Thai
Location: 152 Serangoon N
Food ordered: Mussels pot (Vegetable Nage, Small) - $20, Flank Steak - $28, 1 pint HoeGarden (1-for-1 half pint happy hour) - $10 (all not inclusive of gst yet)
Price: $69.50 total
Verdict: Nice ambience to chill out and lay back from the hustle. We chose this out of the rest based on online reviews which says its the best option for good food and money. The mussel pot comes with fries (not sure why this combination) and though the mussels are slighly overcooked, the fries is good (can ask for mayo and ketchup to go with). We had the steak medium rare and I have to say it is above average though it is slight pricey. The steak comes with sour cream mashed potato which was well made too.
Return?: Good place to hang out with friends away from town. But must come right after salary payout :P

Kokoro Gin, a Japanese-themed London Dry Gin is launched at CACHÉ today!

Fans of the British Gin, you know where to go this Friday right?
Featured: Kokoro Gin's Kokoro Corpse Reviver Cocktail (S$18++) and Nigiri (S$18++)
Where to find this?
CACHÉ at Izy Dining & Bar @cachesingapore
27 Club Street, S069413

Daily: 6pm till late

Kimcheese Bacon pancake

Everything about this is comfort. Think bacon, chives, cheese, on a pancake base fried to a crisp. Not bad really, if only it wasn't half as oily/sinful and had actual pieces of kimchi instead. Not sure if bacon made for the best topping too, since the texture of fried bacon in itself is craggy, add that to the already-crisp pancake.
Portions here at this mod-Korean bar are on the small side for the price. They have makgeolli which tastes more like soda.

Ryo Sushi - Omakase 15 Course Menu : The Last Nigiri Sushi : Prawn/Shrimp - Ebi (海老) 🦐
The cooked Prawn have that sweet bounciness which reminisce of a fresh Prawn & it consists of a surprise once @veronicaphua & I bite into it...

"It has a familiar taste of something, something I adore so much..." Oh❗️
Underneath the cooked prawn was Sea Urchin Miso, it was a combination that I never tasted before which was quite a nice surprise experience. 🖖🏻

ACAMASTIPS💮: Never Pour your own drink. It's Customary to serve others Alcohol, but it's Bad Manners to help yourself. If you're Low, pick up your bottle & offer your guests & eventually somebody will return the favour. You can offer to the Chef too of course. "Kanpai 乾杯"!! 🍶

Fatback Ears Down: Comtesse de Fleur from Epiphyte Canopies, the bar concept above Epiphyte along Neil Road.

People know exactly what they are getting when it comes to a visit here, but for those who want a quick rush to the...head, the drinks on offer are bluntly, bluntly efficient.

For Juicy Burgers and Beers (under $20!)

This diner-style space on the ground floor of Hotel G is where you should head to on your next "treat yo self" day. Swing by with your friends during lunch on weekdays (11-3pm) to take advantage of their Lunch Special ($18). This gets you a complete meal comprising of a signature burger (regular price $14), French fries (regular price $5) and half a pint of beer (regular price $12) or a soda (regular price $5). There are five signature burgers to choose from, of which we liked the Number One and the Number Three best. Both come with a juicy, well-seasoned patty of ground sirloin, cooked to your preferred doneness. Number One comes stuffed with caramelised onions, blue cheese, bacon, arugula and with Thousand Island sauce, while Number Three comes with Mezzo Secco Jack cheese topped with green chilli, chipotle and avocado. For burger enthusiasts, go crazy customising your burger with an extensive selection of ingredients including 12 types of cheeses!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

For Smart, Modern Peranakan Fare

Local celebrity chef Violet Oon's latest venture features char-grilled satays and meats alongside her celebrated Peranakan classics. Decked out in dark woods and intricate tiles, the space is reminiscent of her other restaurant National Kitchen at National Gallery, and equally chic. This is where we'll bring foreign friends for modern Nonya food with flair, and then take them for drinks around the quay after! Start with the satay — both the Chicken Satay ($14) and Pork Satay Hainan ($16) boast meaty skewers with loads of flavour, and a killer chunky peanut sauce. Also from the grill, the Garam Assam Barramundi with Pineapple and Ginger Flower ($32) is punchy and tender, albeit pricey for its portion. Fill up on the comforting Chap Chye (braised vegetables, $15) and famed Dry Laksa ($22), which is redolent with aromatic dried shrimps (hae bee). We'd skip the Buah Keluak Otak ($16), unless you're a big fan of the nut's smoky, slightly sandy personality. Save space for the stellar Chendol with Durian Pengat Sauce ($15). It comes topped with fragrant durian pengat AND durian pureé, and we're told the shaved ice is made from gula Melaka syrup, so it's consistently flavoured. Pro tip: The restaurant fills up fast so make reservations early.
Avg Price: $35 per person
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh