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Recommended lists of Thai food and restaurants in Singapore
8 Best Mookata in Singapore
Thai, Burpple Guides 8 Best Mookata in Singapore Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love eating. Find out where to go for the best Mookata in this list!
Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore
Thai, Burpple Guides Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard to fall in love with Thai food. Here are the best Thai places in Singapore that will hit the spot whenever your craving for Tom Yum/Pad Thai/Grilled Pork ensues!

Top 10 Places for Thai

Top 10 places for Thai

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Thai
Pink cooler and passionfruit fashion drinks at $12 each.

Sakoo Piek - sago, coconut ice cream and shavings for $7.50. Good, refreshing way to end the evening out. #burpple #tingzieeats

Thai Food!

The food here is quite affordable and good for date nights! The Tom yam thick soup is super good and it only costs $6! The phad Thai was a little blend but the green curry and Thai milk tea made up for it! Overall experience was good!

Piping hot bowl of @kincowsg #Thai beef noodles (maybe a bit too hot), perfect for yesterday's rainy weather.

Our server warned us that the famous beef brisket ($11.90) was unfortunately a bit hard that day as it just came out of the fridge, so I opted for the Short Ribs noodle soup ($12.90) instead. Slices of shabu shabu beef that were just slightly pink, with your choice of noodles (and they had plenty!). The highlight definitely had to be the soup which had the right balance of savory and herbs, though I felt it was too oily and should've opted out of pork lard. #burpple

Great to see you both over lunch.

The sets are also priced reasonably and offers value for money at $11.80. This price includes green papaya salad, mini tom yum soup, a drink and the main. Mine's lemon chicken while my partners had Thai basil chicken. #tingzieeats #burpple

Why do I crave fried food when it rains 鉀?

Just like this Crispy Salmon Skin with spicy, sour, and yet addictively good Tom Yum sauce 馃構
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For Spicy Tom Yum Noodles

This stand-alone stall within Rivervale Plaza is hard to find, but well worth the hunt. Located across the cashier section of NTUC, Boat Noodle Express dishes out hearty portions of Thai noodles. The menu is simple 鈥 choose to either have pork or beef, and in tom yum broth, soup or dry (from $4.80). From there, select your noodles (glass noodle, bee hoon, kway teow and tang hoon) before indicating to the staff if you would like to have additional chilli flakes. Spice lovers will have a field day with the crowd favourite Pork Tom Yam Noodles ($5.50) 鈥 the spicy version doesn't hold back and packs a punch! While the other sides like Thai Fish Cakes ($3.50 for two pieces) didn't impress as much, a generous portion of Pork Lard ($2.80) is worth splurging on. Wash it all down with a cup of refreshing Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea ($2.50).
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

Your favourite milk tea is available in softserve now!

This is Small ($4.90) in Thai Milk Tea and Coconut twist, serve with 2 toppings of choice (I had red ruby - underneath the softserve and rainbow sprinkles 馃檲) and a homemade almond biscotti!
Really not bad, just slightly too sweet and hope the portion could be bigger!

Deep Fried Sea Bass With Thai Sambal ($19.90)

This thai joint is seriously giving the famed Nakhon a run for its money.
Cleaner, air-conditioned and spacious, the restaurant still retain the reasonable price list on the menu.
Deep fried sea bass (a choice of Thai sambal) at $19.90 is seriously reasonable and delicious. The sea bass is deep fried til crisp! Every since part of the fish can be chomped on, like the head, find, and bones. You hear me right, those small bones are so crisp that they are edible. While the sea bass is well fried, the meatier parts are still moist, firm and flaky.
But it isn't the fish that won me over hard, but rather their secret, uber spicy Thai sambal. Spammed full of hei bi (small dry shrimps), and Belachan sambal, this spicy concoction gave me such a ringing headache, that I possibly could faint. But I pushed on, because it's just too good, that it can just be paired with a bowl of rice and I would be so contented. Not to be mention, on their extreme generosity of frying up so much thai sambal for a rather decent size sea bass, that I wished I had a container to "tabao" it home. LOL