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Top 10 places for Waffles

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Black Charcoal Waffles + Mango Chilli Tea Ice Cream

The Mango Chilli Tea ice cream flavour…it was really good?! It falls under their Premium Flavours. It was light, sweet, slightly citrusy, mildly reminiscent of mango, and pretty refreshing, but it had a tinge of smoky flavour. 🌶

I was expecting some acid, spiciness from the chilli, but surprisingly (and thankfully), they were absent. I also adore how creamy and smooth the ice cream was. Everything here feels like it was made from scratch, based on a constantly refined recipe (I'm just assuming here). I loved it. What an expertly crafted flavour of ice cream. If this was a Mortal Kombat character, it'd emerge with a Flawless Victory. (8.5/10)

Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream

I haven't dropped by Fatcat Ice Cream Bar in at least half a year, and I was genuinely surprised when I saw this flavour (among some new ones) in the freezer display! It sounded too interesting to pass up on, and I saw there wasn't much of it left.

Anyway, the way the flavours played with my palette was glorious. The smoky, toffee-like sweetness was evident as soon as I ingested this. I was then shyly greeted with a familiar buttery flavour. As soon as I thought that was over, a couple of seconds later, a jot of salty taste surfaced, though only for a split second. Besides that, the ice-cream was so creamy, silky smooth. The kernel of this paragraph, you ask? Well, I'm just saying that it was really popping. 🍿🍦

As far as I can remember in all my previous visits, their flair for executing flavours is actually quite a normal affair. I must say that I'm most impressed by how their food quality hasn't nosedived, let alone been shaken at all, after three years. Mad props to them for the steady and effective quality control! I seriously appreciate it.

But listen. As fantastic as this was, there was actually another flavour that stole my heart. Keep a lookout for it in my next post! 😌 (8/10)

Crabmeat aglio olio 🍝 quite good!

A lil spicy. They can't make it less spicy as the sauce was premixed. 😋 #montanasingapore #gcexlosers #pomosg #pasta #aglioolio #crabmeat #dinner

For Nostalgic Ice Cream Treats

To cool down on hot days, head to Leng Leng Ice Cream for old-school ice cream treats. The menu is simple but full of retro flair, and we love their in-your-face Singaporean branding. Ice cream, mostly in local flavours like Thai milk tea and coconut, starts from $3.20 a scoop. Choose to have it sandwiched in a slice of Rainbow Bread for free, in a Cone ($0.80), or on top of either the Pandan Waffle ($1.50) or Sugee Waffle ($3.50). The latter is quite dense and cakey, and bears a hint of almond. We like that familiar childhood toppings like gem biscuits and peanut candy are complimentary. Alternatively, quench your thirst with Milkshakes (from $6.80 each), a Root Beer Float (from $4.20) or a chocolaty Milo Godzilla (from $4.20 with a scoop of ice cream).
Avg price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Leigh Khoo

Feel like I need this today.

Soy cappuccino. Very good and smooth. Not many cafes make a good soy based coffee, as soy protein tends to coagulate in coffee, or the soy milk used isn't very good with their roast. Fortunately this was real good.