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Love the mocha here, so smooth. And love that apple layer cake. The cinnamon not overpowering and that cream cheese icing really complementing the cake.


35k for one small espresso cup, but it all worth it, my new fave.. Rich, you get the kick of the shot yet it's not bitter.

Flat white, lychee ice tea & scones.. After lunch or pre-dinner snack ^^;

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Not the kind of banana cake that I love. The cake a bit dry out, but the butter did help moisten it up. And the banana taste is not as strong as other banana cake that I love..

Pineapple on top of a (I think) butter base cake (a pound cake, maybe). Sweet, delicious, and the smell of butter that permeating from the cake so good. Can't help but fall in love with this one

This is the 1st time I order a long black. I usually more of a latte kinda girl. Long black almost like an americano but with a stronger taste. Forgot to ask what kind of coffee bean they use for this coffee, it have a very strong acidity, you really can taste it in your tongue. Especially when it still hot, when it's colder, the bitter aftertaste are a bit more pronounce.