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This was not bad, I think it's the ubiquitous one though, not homemade or anything

This wasn't good, even tho it flows the salted egg taste was severely lacking and the overall the filling tasted weird

Am in love with meat on top of Cheong fun ever since the crab Cheong fun at Yan

This was an utterly delicious rendition. The clear soup was so flavour packed and sweet and goes supremely well with the Cheong fun which had bite( not the super thin slippery soft kind). The pork ribs were tender and well marinated too. Must try!

One of the most popular stalls at this ulu coffeeshop, and for good reason

From 146 Timsum Handmade Bao at the above-mentioned coffeeshop at Blk 146 Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Having tried the Char Siew Pau some time back randomly when we walked past the stall, the Char Siew Pau still holds well to what we had remembered it to be. A fluffy bun with a skin of balanced thickness, the bun was not too thick nor too thin, whilst coming with a good portion of fillings within. Chunks of meat that are not too fatty nor lean are all drenched in a sweet and sticky sauce; the sauce being aptly sweet yet savoury, keeping the fillings from being overly dry — one of the nicer coffeeshop dimsum stall Paus out there.


Randomly got this from the handmade dim sum stall at a coffee shop in Potong Pasir. Quite impressed with how this one turned out to be; light, fluffy bun that isn’t too thick while the Char Siew comes chunky within — drenched in that mostly sweet, yet savoury sauce for a deep flavour. Very delicious!


Meat was dry, they've got better items