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From the Burpple community

Mixed veg rice ($3.20)

Ordered French beans, tomato egg and sweet and sour pork. Sweet and sour pork really stood out.. came with lots of pineapples and cucumbers as well.

Worth the price. But go before 7pm for more choices. Dishes get lesser after that.

Charsiew rice ($4)

Char siew was roasted nicely with a good char and taste. Texture wise was good and also substantial amount of meat given.

Will definitely eat this often!

Charsiew wanton noodles ($5)

Noodles were cooked al dente with not excessive eggy taste. Wantons were plump with real prawns inside. Charsiew was grilled nicely charred with good amount of fats.. sweet with honey on the outside.

Good eat!! New nice stall.

Not a fan of Duck Rice, but this was really good. The rice had a mild herbal flavour and the duck was tender. Got the Braised Duck Rice ($4). Portions were generous. The roasted duck was sold out at 6pm though!

Just imagine kway teow doused in a flavourful sweet gravy with a savoury herbal note 😊 I opted for their braised duck leg which consisted of tender and succulent slices of duck meat. For the full experience, toss it together with the fried scallions, beansprouts and chilli for a velvety and crunchy experience.
My only gripe was that the kway teow has a slight alkaline taste 😂 Would have enjoyed it more if they used a thinner version of kway teow used normally in Ipoh hor fun!
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 7.5 ants
💰Value: 7 ants
📍Convenience: 7 ants

The popiah is packed full of ingredients including bean sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, peanuts, turnips, carrots, crispy rice bits. The turnips are juicy and well-seasoned. Auntie uses two pieces of popiah skin to hold the ingredients in place. However, it’s not too thick. The crispy rice bits are the highlight that adds a crunch to every bite.