25 Degrees Singapore

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Originated in Los Angeles, with a branch in Bangkok, this burger & liquor bar is named after the precise temperature difference between a raw and well done hamburger. 25 Degrees introduces a sophisticated new twist on the traditional American burger bar concept – complete with funky music in a swanky atmosphere and old Hollywood ambiance; where cool "bordello meets burger bar" décor.

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Taste of paddle pop. Quite shiok lah. Topped with colourful cereal.

Beef patty, crispy prosciutto, burrata, pesto, roasted tomato. Doesn't the photo look sad haha. Not the best and I wish the burrata was more pronounced, but the medium rare meat was quite enjoyable.

With that name, probably the signature. Beef patty, crescenza, prelibato gorgonzola, caramelised onion, bacon, arugula, thousand island. The ingredients came together very well, which is not something I can always say about burgers.

Chose their Number Two because of the interesting options of burrata and pesto that goes into the burger! I kind of love how the combi turns out to be, though the pesto flavor is not very pronounced, overall it has a charred and brown savory flavor. The patty was very juicy and I love how the brioche bun were buttered and toasted. It’s so good that I finished both the buns! Usually I’ll only finish one of it! Portion is rather reasonable for the price considering that it doesn’t come with fries etc but just a couple of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles! Pretty impressed by it!

Beef burger came with super juicy and succulent beef patty! Loved how their fries were the thick kind as well and it was very substantial. The burger bun was very soft and fluffy too. Do check them out during the lunch time as they have lunch sets which are very worth (around $16)

💸: $14

💬: Definitely know why there is such a big hoohaa over their burgers because not only is it yummy, it was bloody affordable!!!!! the number 3 was good, but I'd still stick to number 1 the next time I'm there, strong flavours and yet tastes very comforting