From the Burpple community

Build your own bowl, or order one of their signature bowls for ease of ordering - the buffalo cauliflower bowl comes with mixed grains, red onions, arugula, tomatoes, buffalo cauliflower bites and vegan ranch dressing. The small size is 16oz and goes for USD5 base price. A larger size would cost an additional USD3 for twice the size. You can add on more toppings, including avocado, pita bread, vegetables and meats for additional cost.

Overall, the cauliflower bites have a really strong buffalo sauce taste. It’s quite pungent and fills your mouth with smokeyness and a hint of heat. If you’re not used to it, you can dip the cauliflower into the vegan ranch dressing which was surprisingly creamy and delicious. We added sautéed mushrooms and sesame tofu for USD2 each. These were not particularly flavourful, but nice add-ons nonetheless.

We ordered this via DoorDash at 10pm and received our delivery by 10.30! There’s free delivery for first time users which was great. Everything was easy to use, and our delivery was smooth. It’s not that easy to find salad places open so late in Singapore, but thankfully they’re available for a reasonable price here in LA.