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From the Burpple community

For cheap and good old-school western food, look no further than 5 Star Corner. Nestled in a neighbourhood kopitiam in Hougang, this humble stall drew a never ending crowd throughout the time we were there.

The food here is value for money and comforting; bringing me a slice of my childhood memories!

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Also known as ‘Ah Beng Western Food’ among the residents in the area, this stall serves western food that are yummy & value for money.

My favourite is the black pepper chicken chop that is served on a hot plate. The portion of the chicken (hidden underneath a thick slab of sizzling black pepper sauce) is big and comes with garlic bread & baked potato as well.


Venturing into Hougang ave 10 this evening and had our dinner at one of the coffee shop near the mall. We have western food with fish and chips, chicken chop and black pepper chicken. Total cost $19.50
The fish and chip is crisp on the outside and juicy inside. Overall worth the price and quite big serving. #cuisineparadiseeatout #sgfood #burpple #fishandchips #westernfood


Looks great. For this price in Singapore where most western meal prices are on the rise,this is definitely a steal. And yes, sauce makes the meat more succulent


Known affectionately by the residents of Hougang as the 'ah beng western food store', 5 Star Corner whips up a truly decent plate of western food, at times, even better than Aston's. The sides are pretty meh, but the quantity and quality of the protein is what makes it a longstanding favourite over at Hougang Central. Highly recommend going for the black pepper chicken chop ($8.50) for a juicy slab of chicken hidden under the thick blanket of black pepper sauce. Pro tip: come early! This place is super duper popular. If the wait gets too long, try Thai Jing Jing for some quality Thai food instead. 5 Star Western Food is located at Blk 805 Hougang Central. Nearest train station being Hougang MRT.

Chicken nicely grilled with a very shiok black pepper sauce and comes with garlic bread, baked beans and baked potato. This is what I call the authentic black pepper sauce where you get to taste the spiciness 》$8