From the Burpple community

This was surprisingly delicious. The noodles are way softer than what I am used to and was more akin to glass noodles but we all didn’t mind. This too disappeared quite quickly. I do love all the dishes we ordered tonight. I had asked a Taiwanese friend for his fav local restaurant and this was how I learnt of Mao Yuan. So glad I needed his recommendation. This place is clearly a hit with the locals as most diners there seem to be regulars. Service is excellent and we all really enjoyed our meal here so much so I was so tempted to book another meal here this week

These were just steamed and served with raw garlic to cut its richness. Really yummy and you can just go on and on eating them.

I don’t actually know what they are called but I spotted them whilst browsing all the hashtags on Mao Yuan and decided I must order some. I am so glad I did. The squid balls were awesome! Bouncy and filled with large chunks of squid, so QQ and good. None of that minced up squid. The seafood squares were also yummy.

It was good and the small round balls aren’t mushrooms but some sort of a sour plum? I am not sure what it is but it added a slight tinge of sourness if you bite into them.

Another signature dish here, this was done well. The trotters were full of collagen goodness and we cleaned them all out.