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From the Burpple community

😋🍫 Chocolate sandwich from 7-eleven🇸🇬 (S$2.80). Basically its a chocolate cake in the shape of a sandwich 😄. Its not overly sweet. Nice to go with a hot coffee or tea. I put it in the freezer a little while to make it very cold. So nice~.

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The third flavour from the Sunshine Wholemeal bun series. It’s a very chocolatey bread with chocolate bits. The bread itself was also in chocolate flavoured.

2 piece oreo coated with dairy milk. Pretty normal, is just oreo coated with milk chocolate.

Promotion Alert! $0.8 instead of a dollar! It was more of a bread rather than a crossiant. Chocolate filling was rather substantial, best to microwave it and melts the chocolate abit. The crossiant was a tad too oily though.

Second flavour from the Sunshine wholemeal series was strawberry supreme. Chunks of strawberry bits within the bread that adds on the sweet taste.

New flavour from milo biscuit. This time round it comes with cookies and cream filling with milo biscuit. Slightly less sweeter with milkier taste as compared to their original ones.