88 Pocha (Duxton)

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🥩Duroc Pork Set ($45.88)
This set comes with 180g of pork belly, 180g of pork jowl, kimchi, chinese chives and watercress. The pork is so flavourful and juicy while the chinese chives and watercress are also surprisingly crunchy and so delightful to pair with the meat!

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🍜Truffle Jajjang Ramyeon ($12.88)
If you love creamy ramyeon, this one is for you. Its saucy yet not too salty with a nice creaminess to it, and a subtle truffle flavour. It is also topped with an egg to make it even more satieting.

🥣Kimchi Stew ($12.88)
Generously filled with kimchi, I found it a tad saltier than I’d like but it pairs pretty well with the other less salty dishes!

🥛Sikhye ($4.88)
We tried this Korean drink, which is basically a sweet rice beverage very similar to barley. It’s pretty refreshing and lighter than barley, not bad as a palate cleanser and pretty nice!

something new from the usual Pocha restaurant is the Truffle Jjang ramyeon ($12.88) which is surprisingly not too bad✨ The seafood tofu stew has a good kick 🌶️ and a giant tofu inside 😂

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Duroc Pork Set ($45.88) comes with pork belly and pork jowl which are super fatty! you don’t need oil on the grill 🔥

They have fuss-free Party sets (~ $76.88 / and $89.88 comes with alcohol soju ) and Happie Meals ($41.88 / $54.88) are pretty value for money for groups.

Loved the atmosphere of this diner, had great ambience and friendly staff. Their happi meal which consists of 2 sides and a main was what I had for dinner today. Really like the unique flavour of the jjajeong myeon which was pleasantly Smokey and cheesy

We had the happie meal A, and we chose the option of the truffle jajjang ramyeon, potato pancake and pork kimchi stew.

The overall ambience of the place was nice, great for a place to have drinks and a meal with friends.