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From 顶峰海南鸡饭 . 面
This $5 portion which is quite yummy indeed.
Tender meat, tasty sauce on the chicken skin & fluffy fragrant rice.
Highly recommended!

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From Ah Huat Soup Master.
A bowl of tasty Lotus Root Soup.
Really nice for rainy days.


Opened only between late afternoon to late night, the tastes are on point with a nostalgic touch. Just the right kind of food especially for a supper treat.

Discovered 普記 today at Lor 4, new to us, selling Penang CKT and fried Hokkien mee. We tried them both to know that we’ll come back again.
The CKT was pretty flavourful, a little oily (but maybe b’cos I asked for more pork lard) but tasty.
Comparatively, we preferred the fried Hokkien mee which was less oily and still good. Ingredients were generous and we were particularly glad that there was pork belly which most other places no longer include nowadays. So the star in this Hokkien mee gotta be that sambal chilli. Go generous with it as it will deliver a good kick to the noodles. Another option for the folks in TPY.

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Ding Fun is one of the stalls here selling chicken rice in soy sauce, steamed and roasted. They also serve noodle and you can get whole or half chicken from them.

Their steamed chicken rice was not something to shout about but it definitely a plate of authentic one. It seems like many locals would visit this stall. $3


Loh Mee with Mee Suah would probably be a less common combination; but it was a good one though. 阿宗 would provide a good clue to it.
This stall at 93 was one of my favourites for Loh Mee, and they certainly did a good job with Mee Suah Loh Mee. Loved the smooth consistency in the gravy without being too starchy, and make sure to upsize for more of their crispy taro which was so yummy.
Ordering from the stall was always such a pleasure to be greeted with a genuine smile, the best reason to eat at local hawker centres rather than food courts.