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To top it off, a citrusy snow crab! I polished it despite not being a carb person. Available at 999.99 at Cuppage Plaza. They’re right next to @kapposhunsui and get the same fresh Japanese ingredients as their sister restaurant.


But the sex ain't great, next morning you get the shock, maybe it's the amount of alcohol that causes the impulse decision? 🍾

Dinner a la carte: Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras & Truffles (💵S$32) Cooked to a perfect medium well. 🐮
However I feel that the beef lacks seasoning, yes there's Foie Gras & Truffles, but the Truffles ain't that aromatic & pungent & it doesn't simply means that anything with Foie Gras will be an instant match. 🍴

ACAMASTIPS💮: Spearheaded by Japanese Executive Chef Masanao Saito & Head Chef Takashi Ohkawa, 999.99 FIVE NINES strives to meet Gold standards for quality & service as derived from the name itself 999.99 (the Purity of Gold) 🏵


Tagliatelle Creamy Lobster - al dente pasta swimming in creamy lobster bisque-like sauce with generous chunks of sweet lobster meat

Absolutely love the food here! Food that not only looks good but tastes great! Each dish is carefully thought out with the flavours and textures well balanced!

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Dinner a la carte: Truffle Cream Risotto with Foie Gras (💵S$22) It's definitely Creamy due to the Cheese, the Truffle could've been more aromatic & pungent, the Foie Gras adds a nice touch.
The portion is a little small, kinda a tapa. But for the price, with Foie Gras & freshly shaved Truffles, I ain't complaining. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: For the price that one is paying, do not set your expectations high. The price of a entrée starts at 💵S$14 to 💵S$32. Ideal for a casual dinner or a date maybe?? 🖖🏻


Nice especially dip it with their mustard mayo sauce! Didn't manage to take other food photo. Food overall is good! Will definitely go back again! However, service have to improve! I need to repeat myself a few time for my request and long waiting time.


One of their signatures and a must-try! A little bit pricey, but oh so worth it. The lobster meat has been (conveniently) scrapped out, mixed into a creamy concoction before being stuffed into the empty lobster shell and baked for a short while to brown the top crust. The cheesy mix really boosts the flavour of the lobster, but yet isn't too gelat so you can probably order this as your main (it's so good you wouldn't want to share). Super rich and creamy, you will find yourself scraping (in vain) the empty lobster shell for more.