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From the Burpple community

It's Banana 'n' Cheese! It takes back some childhood memories with a twist, like the old school goreng pisang topped with cheese chunks and nutella sauce. And guess what, it officially a pasar malam snack now.

Snowy strawberry fields🍓! Awesome strawberry sorbet w fresh strawberries, diced mille crepe, jam & butter crumbles.. 👍 #macovintage #burpple

Oreomisu from #emicakes!
Only $2.70! Hahaha! Cheap as hell! Bought my parents durian puffs too!!! YUMMMM

Bologna use tagliatelle and prawn linguini. With @watiwatercooler @eraah simple comfort food at its best. #foodie #foodporn #instadaily #Concetto #Saveur #gerek #those