Wouldn’t suggest to opt for light texture for the soup.

Mixed well with the soft boiled egg, dipped some with the wasabi and everything came up together so well. It melts in your mouth. Worth it!

All I can say is OISHII. I weren’t even bothered to chat with anyone and all I want were to just finish up my lunch meal set. Totally worth it.

Enjoyed the 1 for 1 Burpple for the burgers. Ordered Crispy Chicken Bacon Burger and Pulled Pork Burger. I personally loved it, pork and chicken meat is tender, it’s just kinda oily if you are super health conscious person.
Ambience is quite chill and quiet, definitely worth the time to check this place out.

Affordable brunch and this Nacholicious is worth to try!

The fruits were fresh however the sauce may not be everyone’s liking. We did not pour the sauce on top of our rolls and waffle.

It was our first time here and we were happy to see this plate of Banana Waffle were so big and when we had our first try, it just WOW us. You really have to try it yourself!

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Definitely worth it to use the 1 for 1 deal for these burgers because it’s delicious! Duck meat wasn’t tough to chew, beef is tender and juicy. Seoul Sister is quite a portion and the chicken meat was tender, perfect match with kimchi base.

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Worth the Burpple beyond deals! Donuts are nice, my nieces loved it!

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Able to taste the mango but not so much of the lychee. But overall I love this combination of flavors.


Had a family dinner on the weekend and the beer is good, the ambience is good, most importantly the food are good too!
Ordered this Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza, its delicious. Except that the fan above us are winding big so the food turn chilled fast.

Ordered Smoked Salmon Benedict & Linguine Pesto Chicken for the 1 for 1. Totally worth it.
Linguine Pesto Chicken has an unique taste and I personally dont really prefer it but my friend who ordered for it said it’s nice. So well, it’s up to individual.

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