Brought my bf to try out this well-known lobster roll in the town on the new year’s eve. We ordered the same “Truffle Lobster Roll” with drinks. Pear cider is tasty but not so much of the red apple cider. Would love to eat again if there’s any good deals. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

It was our first time trying Oporto together with my colleagues during our lunch break. The grilled chickens and burgers are super delicious and tender. Could actually smell the bbq aroma when it was ready to serve, the meat with the sauces match well together too. We were so satisfied with the choice that we’ve made, where we actually stood outside and thinking if we should give it a try.
So I would definitely recommend to give this restaurant a try! Worth it especially 1 for 1. ;)


Ordered these 4 flavors; Matcha, Houjicha, Royal and Hokkaido Milk.
Love Houjicha and Hokkadio Milk because the thickness of its own flavor is perfect, not too sweet or too bitter. However, Matcha flavor has quite a strong aftertaste. Royal‘s just so-so. This deal is a bit too much just for 2 pax so I’ll recommend that it’s better if there’s 3-4 pax to share.

It was our first time trying this restaurant as the menu looks really appealing to us. However, we can only say that it’s not bad, taste is good, portion are reasonable and it’s worth it when there’s deal like this.

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