Part of the tasting menu, this is a two person portion, yummy stuff

If you want to skip the bun, you can choose it with a bowl of salad, super idea!

It's bubbly, so it's a lemon mint soda

Yummy maple syrup tasting Macaron from Royce Japan!

So fresh, the Canadian wild salmon is something different from what you get in Asia. Everything else is perfect the way it is

So very delicious, the added egg makes the toro even more smooth, although I would prefer for it to have lots more green onion for taste

Crispy puff pastry with custard and raspberry on a puddle of raspberry passionfruit sauce

Light and fluffy, but there was so much sugar in it it tasted like a marshmallow

Using Jamie Oliver's recipe with some real Canadian maple syrup

Lemon & thyme buttered up chicken nicely roasted in the oven with potatoes and root veggies

This was a bit of a let down, taste wise was good but crispness I think the one at Salted Pig is actually better. Portion, this is not tapas size, very size-able for two.

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