Place with the cheapest Korean side dish for a restaurant. I do hope that they introduce mozeralla cheese with egg as it is quite a good compliment to that dish

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Tried their Dong Pou Rou ($16.90). It is not bad but it is not the best I have tried. I would say trying to make dong pou rou is not bad but it is not the best I have eaten

Had the Soya Bean Paste Beef Soup ($15.90) for lunch. Food was not bad and there sides include fish cake and potato which I really like it.

Came here for the steak buffet and service was quite fast compared to last time as we came at 8pm Thursday this time. Food was not bad considering it as a steak buffet of $33

When we first saw the menu, we noticed a $12 duck and thought that it is just for the stir fried duck. Little we realised, the $12 is the cost of frying the duck that comes together when we order the $78 Peking duck. We kind of felt cheated as it wasn't very clear to us and in the end we had to pay $90 just for the duck set. I feel that the menu should be more clearer to avoid such situation

Ajumma's has been in Bukit Panjang about 2 months or so and I have been seeing long queue form hence decided to give this place a try.

We ordered a few item such as Army Stew, Steamed Egg, Kimchi Pancake, Pork and Chive Dumpling and Hotteok. We ordered quite a substantial amount that it felt up the table. For a total of 6 pax, total spending is $165.25 which is like an hearty Korean cusine.


Ordered Classic ($9.80), Strawberry Cheese (13.50) & Mango Passionfruit Pancake ($15.80).

The most popular would be the Mango Passionfruit which most of the people ordered and I myself for the Classic. The Mango used is the big round mango. The type of mango is expensive and I'm surprised that they use this mango here.

I felt that althoughit hit the texture of the pancake, the flavour was quite lacking and the taste was mild. I eaten cheaper or delicious pancake than here.

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This is my 2nd time coming here and since we came on a Wednesday, OMG Bingsu ($26.90) was available which is available only from Mon-Fri excluding Eve and Public Holiday. OMG Bingsu is a combination of Matcha, Oreo and Injeolmi. Previously when I came, it was a few years ago and it was $23.90. I guess inflation has make unavoidable for them to raise the price. It is still worth it even with the price increase and the 4 of us had a hard time finishing it.

Ordered the Truffle Yakiniku ($18) and it was delicious. Japanese Pearl Rice was used which give the meal a sweet flavour and the beef meat was delicious.

However, I felt that the portion was small and was expecting more for $18

Upon seated, we were served with popcorn for us to enjoy. The selection of sides was more than other similar western concept. I ordered the Prawn Paste Chicken Chop ($9.80) and it looks good. For the sides, I chose Aglio Olio Spaghetti and Sweet Potato Fries which is not usually found in other similar western concept and it was good. After our meal, they served us watermelon slice to enjoy.

It was a good experience and hope that it expand more for other people to enjoy

After trying their Hakka Tofu Bowl at Yishun before, decided to go to their Woodlands Outlet a try where they served Lok Lok.

The Mee Jian Kueh was being taught from the Munchi Delight from Yishun and it was good. The Hakka Tofu Bowl was great too. However, the Lok Lok was a disappointment. It wasn't as flavour as those in JB. Is just like deep fried with no seasoning on it.

After watching his variety show from Hell's Kitchen, I have been a fan of him and the food he have to offer especially the beef wellington. We had to book 3 weeks in advance to even have a chance to eat at his restaurant.

They served complimentary bread which is very nice which I believed is they made it themselves.

We ordered Short Rib Croquettes ($21), Ossobuco ($39), Beef Wellington ($80) & Pork belly ($29). I like the batter and the flavour of the breaded skin from the Croquettes. Pork Belly is the cheapest main which I think is underrated. The Pork Belly's skin has the crackling sound when bitten which is good. I believed the Pork Belly is Singapore exclusive to cater for Singaporean. Ossobuco is a braised Veal and it was alright. Lastly, the beef wellington. The beef tenderloin was short and tender, the puff pastry and the blended mushroom was not bad. However, I find that $80 is not really worth it. Among all that we ordered, I feel that the short rib croquettes is the best.

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