No idea why they are generically called Freak Cakes but.. the variety of cakes certainly dont look freakish. In fact they all look really creative and pretty! Quite a debate on which to try, we eventually went for the "most popular with customers" choice - Caramel Cookie Butter. Cakes are decorated upon order thus a waiting time of at least 15mins is expected. The friend and i were impressed with the presentation of the cake.. so much so we did not know how to destroy the creation. Taste wise, the cake was okay for the first few mouthfuls, the density of the vanilla sponge eventually got to me. The caramel did not help in lessening the sweetness and dryness of everything. Alright.. next cake pls.

Overall, the dish was good. Except for the eggs. Absolute fail.. They looked like a mess of a presentation and came to us, slightly undercooked.

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Served w a scoop of yoghurt. Well, i must say the toast is quite unique. A rare form a bread/toast here..

Okay. First try and im addicted to this. Its crisp on the exterior yet not too dense or moist on the insides. Gives nice crunch bites. It was supposed to have a hint of toffew nut but. I sensed none of that. Not that im bothered by the lack. :)

This is really cool.. I had attempted to eat the burger like a burger should be eaten but, failed. The burger was way too thick for my small mouth. The beef patty crumbles up when cut into.. Serious mince stuff here..

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My burger has wings! Well, its very much like eating a fish burger out of Mcdonalds, except that the burger buns are much fresher and taste less artificial...

Slowly getting to love this version of the French toasts. An extra serving of maple syrup is a must request though, imo.

S$7.50 for 100g of this. I got a shock when the staff said, "let me weigh this for you.." Not worth the money. Too dense for me.

Good stuff for S$36. (Have tried better ones ard the island though).

Forgot the german name to this dish but this S$28 monster came as a shock to us.... Considering how full we already were after 2sausage dishes and a pork knuckle..... Anyhows certainly all worth the calories! Love the ice-cream. The crepe was too thick and chewy for me.

S$4.95 for the Large serving and it was certainly filling. Lightly salted... It was probably not as tasty as the ones from macs. But still good. Next up to try..? Their truffle fries! :D

Molten chocolate beneath the top surface. The best one i had among the 3 cakes ordered.