Tried Italian dishes with a local seafood twist as recommended by the waitress - chilli crab pasta ($24) and golden fragrance seafood pizza ($22). The pasta was a tad salty but I appreciated the generous cheese shavings and decent amount of meat. The pizza my family found to be a huge letdown- sauce was decently local-tasting though a bit salty but the pizza dough was way too buttery and once we realised it tasted like prata, there was no un-tasting it. Probably wouldn’t go again.

Food was great and affordable (under $10 for the normal pho dishes) even without Burpple. I tried the eggplant chips with honey mayo twice and both groups really enjoyed it. This is also one of the rare places offering banh mi with pâté, which I really miss from Ho Chi Minh.

Do note that service is pretty slow, with the service staff disappearing at times into the kitchen.

Standard helping for the price. Pretty well done carbonara and grancchio (crabmeat in tomato cream sauce) - sauce wasn’t too thin nor too creamy, and I didn’t have to add any extra seasoning. Perfect comfort food!

Had the mentaiko pasta and Tom yum pasta. The former wasn’t hot and a little al dente resulting in a stomachache. Prawns were completely raw. Left in disbelief when they didn’t recook the prawns after I asked and left us waiting. The owner claimed I had told him I didn’t need it recooked. Staff barely apologised even after the situation had been clarified. Terrible cafe standards. This is my second time here and I was really disappointed because their sous vide bowls are not too bad.

Food was pretty decent- chicken cooked perfectly and flavourfully, pasta had a bit too much garlic but was generous on the creamy sauce. I did feel a bit cheated ordering the soup when it arrived in a teeny tiny bowl smaller than my palm (I’m fun sized, so imagine my horror). Worth it when they have their one for one mains (I didn’t have to use my Burpple Beyond).

Part of their vegetarian lunch menu- a huge portion that I couldn’t finish that was flavorful with every bite. Mushrooms, squash and poached egg cooked perfectly. However, the lemon seasoning (common with most vege dishes) overpowered the dish halfway through and I had to keep adding salt.