Toffee nut coffee and Apple pandan cupcakes are some of the best selling cakes made in-house and a bottle of cold brew is available at the slow bar for those serious coffee aficionados.
The boutique-cafe at 47 Amoy Street is open from Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-4pm, it's never too early to get your adrenaline started and now you know where to find them.

Remember the durian creme brûlée I posted awhile ago? They have their own place now. The Quarters, situated at Icon Village, officially opened its doors a week ago, serving mod-sin cuisine as well as artisanal coffee.

In case you don't know, I got zero resistance when it comes to salted egg yolk and I know I must order the Salted Egg Fries. Well, it didn't disappoint. Golden, crispy shoestring fries with salted egg aioli. The fries stay crispy even after they are cooled. Awfully sinful but oh so good! 😋🍟

Pho Stop's pork chop rice is one of their best seller during lunch time and it run out easily with limited quantity they serve each day. Serving at their freshest and finest petite of meat each day and leaving your tummy satisfied with every visit at Pho Stop!

Warm alcohol is always unique. The flavours of this drink really went very well together. The scotch went well with the ginger and honey lemon. And it really taste better warm than cold. When it turns cold, the alcohol taste overpowers the other taste.

At only $5.50 for ramen soup and $3 for dry noodles with minced meat, these brothers have found a way to serve you great ramen at low prices. The chashu is well marinated and tender, the pork broth is flavourful, and the Kyushu-style noodes are thin and chewy. Add a beautifully stewed egg for only 50 cents. The best part? These brothers are actually bakers, so you can pick up some really good cookies to go after lunch. It's no wonder the queues are so long at lunchtime!

A couple of talented Singaporeans decided that ramen can be served at hawker prices, $5/6/7, and created this delightful version. Think springy wanton noodles coated in a garlic, ginger, onion infused oil, wantons, soy-flavoured hot spring egg, slices of melt-in-your-mouth chashu, and shrimp wrapped in crispy potato. This creative dish certainly is half the price, but easily as satisfying. Of course, don't expect this to replace your usual ramen!

Love hate relationship with this, it's so sour and spicy but really tasty! I love this dry noodles vs the usual soupy ones that are really popular! Have a plate of their cold chicken too!

I really love the cappuccino here! And the red cups. Yumz!

Are you kidding? A Singaporean in Hong Kong eating in a Toast Box when there soooo many places to eat! I was skeptical but I was tired and hungry! OMG! The milk tea here was smooth, silky and just the right sweetness (it's different from our teh in Singapore). I was glad I tried! And of course instant noodles are good anywhere in Hong Kong!

This humble little coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru has only ever sold mee pok, kopi and toast for the past 70 years. By night, this neighborhood favorite transforms into a brand new yakitori and steamboat bar, Bincho. Go for either the $50 or $80 yakitori omakase menus, and enjoy a cocktail or two. If a unique setting and experience is what you're looking for, this might just be it.

Start with the beautifully cooked sous vide octopus salad, and tuck into either the pork belly or the duck confit puff for decadent mains. Jean Teo describes Spathe as having '... such a great vibe and ambiance for friends catchup and romantic dinners.'