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Cray fish hor fun is always the hot topic when I gather with a few friends at Chinatown. Neither have I seen the longest queue with many food enthusiasts around queuing up for the mouth watering hor fun!!

At it's cost of waiting time which takes about 15-20mins usually and value for each plate cost $6.50/$8.00, it is definitely one of the most worthy hawker food fare you should consider and it is also pocket friendly as well!

Bf brought me to try "power char kway teow" from this old timers' stall in Beauty World, at which a 20-30 wait is to be expected because it's so popular. I'm pretty fussy about char kway teow, so I honestly didn't find this very good at all. The noodles though nicely separated, were a tad too wet and lacked the wok hei that characterizes a smashing char kway teow.

Large portion. Too much for 2 person, we over-ordered! Haha. Crispy and fresh, loved it. Especially the leeks and green chillies.

Pear & salmon ($22). Seared 47 degrees salmon, Asian pear julienne, soft boiled egg, spring onions, pine nuts, sesame soy dressing. One of the prettiest presentations I've had.

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Tucked in the corner of a coffee shop along Thomson Road, Sin Ming Roti Prata has generated quite a following for their house-made dough and freshly made pratas. While this means you have to wait for your prata, it's well worth it considering you will be getting a hot, fluffy stack. Try their coin pratas for really crispy, fun bites at 6 pieces for $3.50! Photo by Wayne Tan

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Tired of stale, limp, oily kosongs that totally don't hit the spot? That's cos so many places in Singapore now use prata dough that comes premade and from an evil cardboard box. If you want the real deal, this is the place. Small but superbly crispy plain pratas that you can't stop eating, dunked in glorious fish curry, or sambal if you prefer. This will satisfy any prata craving you have. Photo by Joyz X.

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The chicken and mutton murtabak at Kamala Restaurant is something so unique you may never have tasted anything like it. Well worth the hunt for this place located right next to Tekka market (look for a newly renovated place with the sign Kamala Restaurant), the dough is paper-thin, and the filling is generous, well spiced, and unbelievably tasty. Seriously, you have to try it to believe it. As Burppler Ian Ramsay says, "imagine all the pratas and murtabaks you've ever tasted, combine them all together, and what would you get? Nothing compared to this one." Photo by Ian Ramsay

Probably the most famous place to get murtabak in Singapore, this century-old restaurant serves up some massive murtabaks. Adding an extra kosong prata at the base and additional minced mutton on top, this murtabak needs to be shared (or not, if you're a big eater). Go for the chicken, full flavoured, well-spiced and tender, or the deer if you're adventurous! If you're sharing, go ahead and order some briyani too. Photo by edwyn c.

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