Padron pepper, tomato, garlic slivers, balsamic glazed

This was all kinds of awesome. Not only has it been my favourite dish since childhood, but everything about this plate hit the right notes: the noodles were Q the way i like, char siew thick and juicy, wontons deep fried and boiled in equal quantity and just the right size, vegetables fresh without chemical aftertaste, the sauce flavourful without being overwhelming, chilli had the right amount of spice, even the soup (usually treated as a by-product) was delicious. Bonus points for the plating. 5/5 like it's price ($5) 🤣

Weng Kiang Kee porridge. Highly recommended! $4 gives you silky porridge with loads of ingredients hidden. Only gripe is they used disposable spoons which somehow makes the experience less enjoyable

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Not sure if it's true this dish is only available here. I expected it to be something like kuay chap but the taste is alot lighter and more veg-based. It contains chicken wings and some cuttlefish. Like a soupy rojak?

First time hearing of this dish, as i am hokkien. To me, it tastes like a non-spicy version of 酸辣粉. The noodles used in this rendition is the typical 粗米粉 although i heard the original uses a different type of noodle. The chilli is handmade and i'm glad i asked for some. Very homey taste

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For $5.90 you get a grilled chicken drumstick, curry soaked rice, sambal, omelette and cabbage. Delicious and filling.

This was the pork set ($6.90). Quite value for money, comes with assorted vegetables and pork slices with separate rice and soup. The pork could have been fresher.

Not sure what it is about the way it is cooked but the combination of silky hor fun noodles and even more silky gravy that is full of umami plus the juicy prawns never fails to hit the spot. Guotie and suan la tang optional

Mediterranean offerings with scones, macarons, lemon puffs and all sorts of sweet and savoury treats. I would go for the complimentary pass to flower dome, for the ambience. Enjoyable with a pot of tea or coffee of your choice! Very affordable at $38+/pax.

Just your regular sashimi with japanese rice combo. $9.90 not including gst, one of the cheaper offerings around. Fish is fresh enough, rice is decently flavoured and portion just right. I like that i can choose to have both of my favourite fish, instead of kaisendon or only salmon or only maguro don.

This was the smallest portion at $12. Just right for two. Waited about 45 minutes, the rice was nicely charred, although a little too burnt for my liking as the end result was more dry than i would have preferred. The chicken was nicely flavoured and went very well with the chilli sauce. Vegetables were juicy and fresh. The best part imo was the chunks of salted fish that added subtle flavour without being overly dried. Lup cheong was a bonus.

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This signature dish with crab meat and salted egg was the bomb! Totally worth the $15.95 (5x normal price tag) 🤤