The eggplants came with green goddess hummus, crispy chickpeas and currants. There was a good variety of flavours and textures and the flavours were pretty unique, just that I found this a bit salty.

Even though summerhill prides itself for its signature roast chicken, this pork collar was the winning factor for me. I love the tenderness of the pork collar and the lightness of the coleslaw complemented the dish well! Roast chicken was okay but I ate at cocotte previously, and felt like the roast chicken could be more tender. I will return for the pork collar and maybe to try the fried chicken if available.

Generous scoops of ice cream for $4.90. I especially liked their stracciatella and tiramisu 😋

On its own, the aglio was done really well, nicely salted with a hint of spice. But when the egg was mixed in, it created a unique sauce with the olive oil and juices from the chorizo, taking it up another notch. The chicken roulade slices were crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and the mushroom filling went well with the chicken. It was a very satisfying meal and I walked out of Clifford Centre really happy and full. It looks ordinary but the flavours are solid!

Went to try new dish at French cruisine Clifford centre food court. Had a scrumptious and savoury meal. Food is nice n value meal.

Comes with sliced sausages, prawns and an onsen egg. Add 60 cents for cheese but sometimes when they closing like 7pm they might give you for free! They do it uniquely with sakura shrimps and the prawns are generous for the price. Love it!!

Such a hidden gem in Raffles Place!! The mentaiko was torched to perfection and the creaminess on the fresh piece of salmon was sooooo damn heavenly. Did not even bother about the broken poached egg because the bowl was already so tasty. Will be back 10/10

This was a new item on their menu! Just superb for two reasons: 1) the chicken and smoked duck were so damn fresh and well marinated. The chicken cutlet was tender and succulent and not covered in too much batter like what we would normally get elsewhere. The smoked duck was so juicy and fresh damn. 2) It may not look like a lot, but I was really full after finishing it. Very value for money! Only wished that the sauce on the rice would be less spicy/peppery (tasted like some spicy bbq sauce) as it almost overpowered the taste of the meats, there was just too many flavours in this bowl, plain rice would be better! Nevertheless this was still GOLD. Simple and good.

Had flat white with soy milk. All coffee comes with double shot which is great for the morning. Unfortunately the coffee is quite acidic which is not the kind i like. Staffs here are pretty friendly.

The {Tonpei Original Curry Rice} is super legit man.. a pile of soft and fluffy scrambled egg over rice, (get this..) shredded cabbage and slow-cooked pork belly 😃😃😃 the platter is then smothered in a sticky Japanese curry permeated with nobules of soft potato chunks. Sounds perfect? # holdup Best thing is its price. A reasonable $6.80! ♡♡♡♡♡
Thank you Chef Matsumoto for graciously hosting the two of us, hungry ghost。
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$5 for a hearty and buttery rich bowl of beef noodle soup? Yes :) perfect companion for every cold office Day. This can rival DTF.

It's so pretty ❤

Nyonya kitchen Nasi Pengyat Rice not only taste good but it's aesthetically pleasing! The rice is slightly sweet and gosh the fried chicken is so crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Really like the batter!

It's nice that they have keropok too! And guess what, its only $5.90 and such a big portion. Totally worth it!