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$13.80 with soup. Fried chicken, grilled chicken sausages (2 large ones), tomato pasta and salad. Crispy chicken is cooked to perfection and sausages were very good.

$9.90 with yakult or fresh milk and a scoop of ice cream! Portion is as good a the norm!

$13.80 with soup. Orange sauce, potato purée and duck! The sauce is cold but it goes well with the duck meat.

$18. Stuffing: truffle, mascarpone cheese, pecorino cheese. Yums! Like crispy bread!

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$32. Choose 4 different flavours. Missing one as the last one is baking.
Back - Pork Belly & Bluecheese
Middle - Four Cheeses
Front - Cooked Ham and Mozzarella Cheese
Super yummy! Not exactly thin crust. Quite filling.

$12. Seemed like baked. Not too bad. Comes with 2 sauces for dipping.

Doesn’t really taste as good as it looks. Another slightly dry cake. Can’t help to think it was baked the day before.

This was a little dry. Felt it was left overnight.