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Zha Jiang Mian Opted for the shaved noodles instead of the usual lamian and I loved the texture and chewiness of it! Generous servings of noodles and minced meat 👍 However, I found the gravy a tad too salty for my liking.
Shan Xi Cold Noodle ($3.50) ☄️❄️🤤 The first time we try ‘Shan Xi cold noodle’ or ‘Liangpi’ was in Chinatown (more about this in another post). We are hooked since and search high and low for the same dish. When we heard that this ‘Shi Xiang Ge La Mian Shaved noodle” (a new eatery above Bishan Bus Interchange hailed by ex-Crystal Jade Chef) has the same dish, we simply have to try.🤩 . The ordering and queue at lunch time on Friday was not so bad. It took us only 7 mins to be called by their e-ticket machine. The commuting then took us another 20 mins and since this is a cold dish, we just guess this doesn’t affect quality and taste of the dish. ‘Shan Xi Cold noodle’ is a very simple yet so satisfying dish with only 3 ingredients: noodle, wheat gluten(Mian Jin) and sliced cucumber (served with sauce made with salt, vinegar and chilli oil) . They just nail it!! with the sweet, fiery yet aromatic herbal sauce. 🔨 The white flat noodle is simply addictive and absorb the not overpowering sauce so well. We will skip the praising bits and let you try! 🤟😎
Handmade Shaved Noodles by former Crystal Jade Chef $5 The beef shaved noodles are springy and the broth is very tasty. The dumplings are really good with generous amount of tasty meat fillings. Don’t order the Qi Shan Noodles, it’s too salty and oily.
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Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee Original popiah, can watch skin makers demonstrate the art of making paper-thin popiah crepes on weekends (mornings 8.30 am to 11 am)! - 薄饼 Popiah 评分:9/10 主要由爽脆蔬菜(大头菜、胡萝卜、豆芽等)组成,花生末等炸物增添脆的口感,冰皮非常薄,软而劲道,是比较健康和清爽的本地食物。 - 小金杯 Kueh Pie Tee 评分:8/10 金杯小小一个,铺满了和薄饼基本一致的蔬菜,顶部加一粒虾,配自家制的特殊辣酱,口感和口味都十分丰富,酥脆爽口。
One of the best Kueh Pie Tee in town! Ordered many boxes of takeaways - the turnips remain chewy, crunchy and really juicy! Missing the prawns in the pic cos they were snapped up in minutes.
One of the oldest-standing popiah in SG [Kueh Appreciation Day 2017] Bought these from a pop-up stall instead of the original one at Joo Chiat. Apart from their handmade skin, this popiah stands out from the rest in terms of its presentation and taste. First, it's served uncut in a plastic bag so you've to eat it like a burrito; and second, it has a more savoury, crustacean taste than others which often has just one-dimensional flavour. Also, it has bits of beancurds and fried fish skin (I think), making it really unique! Good: • Soft and chewy skin made on the spot • Distinct umami taste from the turnips • Very good crunch from the beansprouts, cucumbers, and fried fish bits • Generously stuffed • Skills have been passed down to the third generation! #supportyounghawkers Drawbacks: • Turnips are a little dry • Would love to have more crunch and fragrance from the peanuts • Can get a little messy eating from a bag • People who prefer sweeter popiahs may not enjoy this Verdict: 4/5 (Just because I'm not used to the unique umami taste and I'm not eating from the original stall)
Wan Ling
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cheese platter (omakase style) my absolute go-to for cheeses that you can't get normally in sg! is omakase style; but shouldn't cost more than $25 per session (just for the cheese). platter came w 8 different types of cheeses (let them know if u don't eat certain types of cheese!), and we were instructed on how best to enjoy them
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Lots of cheese (well, up to 8 which is their standard platter) and whatever tipple (drinkkkk) they pour for you. I’ve found that’s my favorite way to enjoy a nice afternoon at Ai Ming’s lovey little place at Queenstown. And making friends there is easy!
Cheese Ark Cheese Platter - Omakase Style Cosy joint with a wide selection of cheese. Check their Instagram for the seasonal loots! Top. From left to right: 1. Fiore ($3.50 for 28g) - Sardinian cheese made from sheep’s milk. Robust flavor with a gentle piquant character. 2. St Jude ($16.50/pcs) - Made in the UK from raw cow’s milk. Soft cheese with a light mousse texture. 3. Emmental alt 22 months ($3.75 for 34g) - Swiss cheese with holes made from gas bubbles released by the bacteria used in making the cheese, with a slightly sharp, nutty taste. 4. Sbrinz A.O.C 36 months ($4.05 for 30g) - Swiss cheese made from whole raw cow’s milk. Extra hard cheese with a dense, grainy brittle texture. Bottom. From right to left: 5. Le Gruyère summer 22nd private collection ($5.15 for 38g) - Swiss cheese from cow’s milk. Dense, semi soft. 6. Tom’s alpchase 2 years ($4.75 for 28g) - Swiss cheese made from cow’s milk. Made by Tom during July-Aug when Tom can bring his cows to the alps for grazing where he makes the cheese. The milk from the fresh grass makes the difference. 7. Murgu 2 months ($6.20 for 40g) - Swiss cheese made from 100% silage free raw cow’s milk, delicate blue cheese where the blue and white and aged separately and then combined at the end. 8. Gorgonzola dolce ($4.50 for 46g) - Italian cheese made with pasteurized milk. Soft and buttery! Exploratory platter in sampling portions! Loved the confidents of the flavor, pistachios, dried mulberries and muscat grapes! Will be perfect with some quince or fig jam! (Full sized options available for purchase)
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