New menu for Burpple beyond in October! No longer mixed grill but this month, Colin’s offer is its signature chicken chop which comes with corn cob, German sausage, spaghetti aglio olio, salad and tomato soup. Price is $16 + 0.30 takeaway. With Burpple 1-1, I paid $16.60 which is quite a steal! I didn’t realise there were so many foodpanda and grab riders, my wait was exactly half an hour from the time I put in my order. Collin’s strategy of going into coffeeshops make business sense as during the pandemic, to survive one must cut down on operating costs. And one of the biggest ticket item is rental. With less dining in nowadays, most do not need ambience, they just pack and go. Smart of Collin’s to venture out and immerse themselves in the heartlands.

So glad to get a parking lot by the road. DIY 2 bowls today. Chose teriyaki chicken but tasted a little spicy like black pepper. Would have opted the sashimi (+$3). Too much carrot given in salad, not really my cup of tea. Mentaiko dressing is good. For 1-1 pricing, this is really good! Note that it’s strictly cashless payment.

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Wanted to do a takeaway this second time back here but was told by the cashier that it wasn’t allowed and only valid for dine-in. It works well for us either way. Loving their chicken chop cooked by the young chef. Good deal at $7.50 for 2 where you get 2 sides✌️

There are a number of popular stalls at this food court, including a burger stall and an authentic Korean stall. This is the first time I am trying this western food, Nom Nom Monster. Requested one plate of the coleslaw to be changed to fries and they gladly did so. Ordered 2 chicken chops for 1-1 deal at only $7.50. The meat is just a little small, but just nice considering it is only $3.75 for one plate. There’s always room to go elsewhere for dessert. II enjoyed the simple western food and will definitely be back.

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Back here second time at a later timing and great that we called for a reservation. As usual, the crowd started coming in and the number of grab/foodpanda delivery waiting outside is endless. Used the fried item 1-1 as they didn’t allow multiple claims the previous time. This time I didn’t go for the fanciful Siu Mais of various kinds but ordered 2 Cheong Fun Crispy Youtiao Rolls ($5.89). The cashier was kind to inform me that the takeaway will be in another receipt to remove the service charge. I ordered the pan fried carrot cake at $4.71 so my bill was just offset with this amount. My most expensive item was salted egg baked custard bun at $6.31 for 3. The rest of the items were $5 plus. Total bill $45.55 for 2 pax. Like how old school this dimsum place is, makes you feel like you are in HK.

It was a rainy Friday evening and there was no one when we entered the shop. Very quiet place with nice piped in music. Ordered the premium ice cream - blue pea vanilla and roasted pistachio using 1-1 ($5.10 after discount). Added in a waffle at $5.90. Total payable was $11. The ice cream was a disappointment as it was very bland. The saving grace was the green waffles. They were warm and crispy. To get the crowd going, they need to improve on their ice cream ingredients. It’s a pity that they open till 2am yet are not able to draw in the crowd like other ice cream parlours. The dessert shop two doors away seem to be more vibrant with customers. Was initially excited about this new ice cream waffle late-closing joint in the East, unfortunately the OMO aunty serving us was not able to recommend or market their ice cream too. Thumbs up for waffles though!

After trying the stall at West Coast, I ordered these from Tampines for my friends. With 2 sets of 1-1 Mixed Grill and 1 ala carte Aglio Olio, the total cost is only $39.50. Which works out to be $7.90 only. The serving is extremely generous and good that mixed gril can choose between black pepper or mushroom sauce. My friends commented that the greens maybe too little. But overall still the best value for money. Wish that different locations can have different selection so that we get to try different types of Western Food.

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This combo I have chosen cost $23. With the 1-1, the total cost is $30 as we ordered hazelnut cola and sour plum drink. There was no serving of water in this HDB setting. The cola is bitter, not as nice as can’t really taste the hazelnut. Didn’t realised it was a halal restaurant till we entered. For a weekday evening the crowd is quite good. The serving of the food is generous but the seasoning is not authentic how a Don is like in Japanese restaurants. Maybe the combo could not draw out the unique taste of chicken/beef. I usually love Japanese rice and will finish it all, but tonight I didn’t finish my bowl. Will not return if there’s no 1-1 as it is pricey in general (beef was not featherblade as advertised) and not exactly the taste which I expected. They should update their Burpple menu accordingly.

Didn’t know Collin’s has a sub-branch at coffee shops. Found this at 501 West Coast Drive (just behind the food centre). Was there for dinner and we were surrounded by the uncles having their rounds of beer. A few tables were also eating the same western food as us. Price is fantastic. For 1-1, my total cost for two mixed grill = $15 instead of $30. The portions were very generous. They also run 1-1 promo for other takeaways only at a higher price of $22. Will be back to try their other branches since it’s 1-1. Wish they have more variety besides mixed grill and chicken funghi aglio olio.

Second time back here. This time it was a takeaway for the family on Sunday. Ordered 8 bowls of a variety of beef slice/tendon/balls noodle. The cashier was very patient with my order as all 8 had different specifications. I used three of the 1-1 Burpple and my bill came up to $50.10. Each takeaway container costs $0.30 so for the dry noodles, I asked for additional soup which I had to pay extra for the container. Note to self : to bring own container in future to save costs. The family enjoyed the 24 hour brewed soup very much. The Q can be pretty long after 6pm, so try to be there before 6pm. The kitchen staff were friendly when I asked for extra Chili and chinchalok. Good experience at this new joint!


After dinner, you see the sweet tooth people going there for dessert. There are plenty of seats outside Merely for us to enjoy our cups of ice cream slowly. We ordered Thai Milk Tea and Earl Grey for a total price of $3.80 using 1-1 Burpple. Not my first time back, delighted to enjoy the good deal.

My family used to order from Temptations about 30 years ago in the 80s. Those who live in the East would know of this old gem. A space small enough to place an order and out you go. The Burpple 1-1 for desserts is something very new recently during this third lockdown. I took the opportunity to order their scones instead of sliced cakes. Value for money at $4 for 8 scones, you can choose 3 different flavours! Enjoy!