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local twist Made our way down to a quiet part of Tanjong Pagar for dinner with a chope voucher! All their burgers come with a sesame bun, the usual greens and oat battered chicken. We tried the Ayam Legend (salted egg sauce, $14++) and Ayam Hot (curry sauce, $14++). The sauces tasted surprisingly like the real thing! Would be perfect if they were a little more spicy. The chicken patty got a little overwhelming due to the deep fried batter, but the parts with tender meat were good.
Salted Egg Chicken Burger ($14), Lemak Curry Burger ($14). If you haven’t already tried’s signature salted egg chicken burger, thank @chopesg as you can enjoy 1-for-1 burgers this month with June’s Chope Exclusive! They surely aren’t stingy when it comes to the in-house salted egg aioli that’s lavishly drenched over the oat battered fried chicken thigh. A velvety, creamy sauce, the salted egg aioli did come across as a little jelak towards the end, perhaps also because it was rather salty (duh!). But I smell curry leaves too, which plays a crucial role in any salted egg dish. The oat batter delivers a perfect crispiness to the juicy chicken patty which is marinated using their spice mix and buttermilk. The Lemak curry burger was pretty unique and a take on yet another local flavour. Again sandwiched between 2 sesame buns, the oat battered chicken was succulent but this time drenched with a really, really Lemak curry sauce. Heavily spiced and aromatic, it is also packed with the lactonic and nutty characters of the coconut milk. Something worth mentioning is the size of the fried chicken was actually larger than the buns (you can’t even see the bottom bun) , which made us felt as though we were eating a chicken cutlet instead of a burger. Too satisfying. Saltiness of their sauces could be reduced. Each burger came along with shoestring fries.
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Spiced Pork Burger The Quarters’ burgers always bring about pleasant mod-sin surprises. I’d expected the “spiced” pork batty to come with the typical 5-spices powder (which I absolutely dislike) but hey no! The spices include chilli, galangal, lemongrass etc. More towards the spices commonly used in Malay/Indonesia/Indian cuisine, rather than those in the Chinese dishes. That’s a pretty nice twist. At first look, it appears incredibly tough and dry. Thankfully, it remains juicy within. Could have been juicier but no complaints - overall was good. It comes with the typical iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. Generally prefer the red/green leaf lettuce which complements the burgers a lot more (kinda feel iceberg lettuce cheapens the overall look and feel of the burger cos it’s very much associated with ‘fastfood’ style burgers) The accompanying fries were normal-tasting, dips (chilli and ketchup) weren’t made in-house and hence, nothing much to comment on. Would stick with the signature salted chicken burger which comes with incredibly creamy and fragrant in-house salted egg yolk sauce going forward!
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Ronin’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast Furthermore, craving for Ronin’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($13) after hearing about their closure at the end of January, I just had to make my way down to PUNCH. Signature creamy folds with crusty bread and upgraded with various add-ons; it was truly a breakfast for champions and as good as I remembered them to be. The zing from the heap of Smashed Avocado ($5), savouriness from the juicy Pork Sausage ($5), the earthiness of the Portobello Mushroom ($4) was just the extra oomph I need. A great tip is to make a reservation through their Facebook page at least a day in advance. Though reservations are taken up to 11am only on Weekends and Public Holidays, strictly walk-in basis after; you save yourself a good deal of time when met with a crazy breakfast crowd. #Burpproved
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Okay, I did feel a little self-conscious seated next to a group of ladies with their workout gear and post-gym glow as I stuffed my face but all was good as I got to comfort myself with PUNCH’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11)! Served with Tomato Soup for dipping, the sweet-savoury combination was foolproof. Think soft-gooey center of melted emmentaler, grated parmesan and brie smacked between beautifully toasted white bread. The ratio of cheese to bread was simply lip-smacking, add a warm tangy dip into the mix and you got yourself a winner. Mopped up with the crispy yet absorbent sandwich, the texture of the soup could pass off as pasta sauce which was strangely a good call as the thick consistency made the meal more hearty and satisfying in my opinion. The slight sharpness from the tomatoes also cutting through some of the richness.
Earl Grey Pancakes Fourth (or fifth) time at Punch but my first time trying their earl grey pancakes I’ve heard so much about! It was pretty impressive, and the serving portion was huge, with a stack of three fluffy, freshly made pancakes. The batter was soft and slightly fluffy, though it bordered on the sticky side. The earl grey taste could be a little stronger as well, but then again I’m a huge earl grey and tea lover so I may be too much of a critic. Overall I really enjoyed this sweet brunch option and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty dose of brunch pancakes.
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