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Other than to explore the incredibly interesting menu, for someone who doesn't like sweet potato fries, I took a liking to theirs. it's the only thing I would recommend here.


Liu Sha and French toast! What better way to have 2 of my favourites together. If only the the custard is sweeter and oozy, it would have been perfect.

The adventurous me just couldn't resist and ordered the Singapore butter latte, milo kopisaur and caffe milo (star recommended on the menu). But I have to say I'm a tad disappointed by the taste.

Happy perk me up for the weekend (: #burrple

Have some Bingsu (Mango Cheesecake) to fight the humidity and haze, the extravagant price is worth it in times like these.


Throw in some spam fries to neutralise the sweet treats. Gotta say it's a tad overpriced for the hype. Not enough to rouse my tastebuds.

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Nothing like a good all day breakfast to start your day right, especially with my fab smoked salmon and wet creamy scrambled eggs.

Worth a first visit if you haven't, and probably not after that. not worth the price for the portion. But you know, girls and our salads.

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one of the better hokkien mee I've eaten. too bad the Singapore fried hokkien mee stall is closed, this hokkien mee stall opposite of that is also not bad.