The worst Ramen in Singapore. The portion of ramen is super small. They even served cold chat siu. The char siu taste very bad too. The soup tastes super bad too. My recommendation for you guys is please don't come to this restaurant. The ramen tastes not good at all. The waiting time also very long.......if you like ramen, better don't come over here. You will be very disappointed with theirs.

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The Teh Tarik here tastes not as good as Malaysia ones. Disappointed

One of the worst restaurants I have ever tried in Singapore. Foods all taste very bad...

The sweet potato pancake taste not bad but can be better if the sweet potato cream can taste like sweet potato more.😂😂

Overall foods here are good but the service here is super bad. The staff here is very impolite and rude. Better don't come over here next time.