Otoro $70++, Uni $40++, Kanpachi Belly $35++,
It's very fresh and yummy. Worth it! 👍

🍽MBFC, Tower 3 #02-08
12 Marina Boulevard
📞 6443 1187
Mon to Fri
11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00.
Sat 18:00-22:00
Closed on Sunday

At this korean-mexican Taco restaurant, dive into Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($18), Honey Tequila Wings ($18), Galbi Shortrib Tacos ($13/2pcs) as you celebrate with their specialty fusion alcohols:
• Vatos-ritas ($29)- Margaritas + Beer
• Makgeolitas (&26)- Tequila + makgeolli
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Pok Pok ($15)

This Pok Pok dish from @littlebastard @臭小子 resembled a more refined version of popcorn chicken! Crispier and tastier drenched in zesty housemade "pok pok" sauce, topped with deepfried garlic, red and green chilli slices and corriander. Especialy enjoyed having each piece with a copious amount of sauce and some chilli slices to turn up the 🔥heat🌶!

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So delicious that I wish I didn't stop at one stick

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Never need an occasion for drinks but always a good one when there are drinks.

Au Petit Salut is a long-standing establishment nestled in the verdant Dempsey Hill that serves contemporary French cuisine. Other than a reliable date spot, their value-for-money set lunches are a draw: you get to enjoy a three-course menu with coffee or tea from $38. The Baked Burgundy Snails are a real treat to start your meal with – baked escargots bathed in herbed garlic butter, stuffed in a bone marrow. If you like foie gras, they are pretty generous with their portion and sear it till an impeccable crust is achieved, but still melts in your mouth. For the mains, go for the 150 days grain-fed Bavette for some perfectly cooked, flavourful and succulent steak. For a sweet finale, the beautifully balanced Homemade Lemon Tart is bound to please.

Sister outlet to Far East Plaza's Nanbantei, famous for their value-for-money lunch yakitori bento, this izakaya on the first floor of Cuppage Plaza is where you go in the night for the same skewers and more. The grilled skewer selection here is limited but straightforward. Go for the Asparagus Maki ($7.20 for two) — five thin asparagus sticks stacked to a skewer, wrapped with bacon. Unlike the skewers at Nanbantei where the marinade is key, the skewers served at Izakaya Shinjuku are lightly seasoned with salt. Another crowd favourite is the Toriteba ($7.50 for two) — two chicken wings on each skewer, perfectly crisp yet juicy. For something heartier, order their Garlic Fried Rice (from $6.50). It goes well with their Butabara Cabbage Miso Itame ($9.50) — stir-fried sweet cabbage leaves that hint of smokiness. Reservations highly recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

4 sticks for $6. Incredible value for money. Quality is good but don't expect this to be an eye opener. This is the kinda place you'll come back again with big groups for the quantity and enjoyable food! I can see this becoming a regular port of call for impromptu post-work dinners or casual buddy hangouts. Clientele is a good mix of Japanese and locals. Provides an English friendly menu.

You enter a dimly lit walkway into this back alley bar like area with scribbles on every surface. So much for theatrics.
The beef is flown from the US, the patties, cooked unseasoned. The juices flow freely, as you bite into the medium done patty with all the works.
Bite after bite, ravenously, a hypnotic rhythm progresses, until all that's left is the sticky fingers from left over ketchup and mustard. The passing memory of the burger, unbearable.
Now that's a burger monster could get with.
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3 munchies: Served on a bed of well-cooked squid ink risotto, the tender, house-poached octopus was charred till it had a slight caramelisation on the outside. While the salted egg yolk sauce was rich and had some of the grainy textures, I wasn't so sure how it complemented the briny flavours of the risotto, though.

⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️ 🍴Been coming here very often & since it's starting days but never posted about it. Their famed beef is as good as ever - juicy and crispy on the top - and paired well with caramelized onions, potato wedges & special rice fried with beef lard.
⚠️ Called new ubin SEAFOOD but best known for their classic zichar dishes like boss beehoon, mee goreng and shrimp paste chicken so best to order these > seafood
📍New Ubin Seafood, 63 Hillview Avenue, S669569