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If you are looking for Chinese restaurant food that is somewhat different from the typical Cantonese/Teochew style you find in Singapore, this is the place to go. Among the many dishes I ordered I thought that the beef stew was delish.

This establishment serves up some interesting dishes like the dim sum that looks like mushroom and jelly dessert that look like mahjong tiles. Taste wise nothing to shout about but definitely worth trying something new.

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The Original ($4.30) taste good and I like the chewy purple rice bits inside. Dragon fruit was the more refreshing option since they use real dragon fruit.

This invoked many childhood memories. For $8.90, the combo comes with a hotdog, fries and a root beer float. Overall a decent meal but will not travel all the way to changi and queue for this.

My first time trying blue pea infused pasta ($18). I had pasta shaped like stars which had mala chilli and tobiko sprinkled on top. Definitely worth a try.

Most of the dishes are designed for sharing. The umami from the Sea Urchin ($27) is not for the feint hearted. One or 2 bites is sufficient if not it will get very heavy on the palatte.

For the nuts lover, head over here for dessert. A double shot of empire combined with their hazelnut ice cream is the perfect end to a good meal.

The Fettuccine al Granchio ($29.90) was delicious. Pasta cooked perfectly al dente tossed with a creamy tomato crab meat sauce. I also like the friendliness of the service staff and the family run vibe of the establishment.

The brisket burger was deliciously savoury but on the saltier side. Still think it's one of the better place to get your bagel craving satisfied.

This place has very affordable rice bowls from $10.90 onwards. Decently sized portion and relatively fresh fish make it worth the extra calories.

When you feel like having good roast meats in a modern chic setting this is the place. One of the better roast meat choices in CBD area. Good for small groups as the portions come in a variety of sharing sizes.


The char siew slices were nice and think like the ones you get in ramen shops. Overall a decent bowl of noodles and you can use the 1 for 1 deal with burpple beyond to make it more worth your buck.