Ok, this straight up blew me away. Every part of this dessert was made in-house and each was done to absolute perfection, with thoughtful consideration given to how they were to be enjoyed together.
The ice-cream wasn't too sweet; thus pairing perfectly with the fluffy, sweeter pudding. What I thought was pure genius was the abundant topping of biscuit crumbs. Those bits absorbed the caramel sauce, and threw in a surprise crunchy element.

Made with yeast, this chocolatey waffle has a bread-like quality, almost like a chocolate bun. What's yummy: the chocolate chips hidden in the waffle itself so there's an unexpected element of crunch. What's not: the rubbery marshmallows. Overall, I'm not a huge fan and would much rather have their savoury waffle with scrambled eggs, bacon and cream or their amazeballs honey toast.
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Thin crust pizza with cheesy toppings. Would have preferred a lesser cheesey option and more flavour on the toppings. Truffle fries was great!

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Words can't express how I feel about this, except there should be more chocolate oozing out in the centre. Overall a great finish!

Absolutely love the risotto to bits. Not too salty and nice blend. Together with the fluffy curry it's a formidable duo!

My favourite pork knuckle place for like, forever. Don't forget the radler that's easy on the throat and head. 😜

Enuff said. Bring on the Hong Kong yummy mango combinations and their warm almond paste items as well. #supershiok

Sticky date pistachio cake was a pleasant surprise ! Richness in taste and velvet texture makes it a must have!