I must say the portions were generous. It’s well worth it only if you are using burpple beyond 1-for-1 during weekdays!

Love that they serve sourdough! It’s an awesome place for a lazy Sunday catch up with friends. Great coffee, decent portion. Excellent service too!

Chanced upon this on burpple beyond and made our way here for a weekday date night. Love the restaurant setting and it’s rather spacious. Food was good and decent but the portions were kinda small to call as mains. Luckily we were not hungry. So you will probably need to order some sides and appetizers to go with the mains in order to fill you up.

We bought the 1-for-1 voucher from Chope and were not expecting much but were pleasantly impressed. Broth was rich and thick. We did not feel thirsty after that. But the restaurant is a little small, great for quick meal but not hang out.

Singapore is lack of late night cafes and we were so pumped to see another 24hrs cafe located right in the heart of Orchard. But unfortunately it was quite a disappointing experience. First, they ran out of ice cream and 90% of their dessert menu comes with it. The scone did not come with any butter, jam or cream. So it’s literally dry and hard to swallow. Coffee was so bad that we couldn’t finish. More milk than anything else. It’s a pity though for such a great location and capacity size.


I was looking forward to this as we miss bali a lot! Love how they serve their food on bamboo plate/brown paper. I was utterly disappointed to see the food we ordered came in disposable ware which made the food more like hawker takeout. They seriously need to do something about this and please do not use Covid as an excuse. Food was just alright but on the salty side.


Tuck away at a corner near the famous River south Hoe Nam prawn noodles and lao zhong zhong eating house. Glad to find this on burpple beyond. Nice choice of ice cream flavors but do note that ice cream is not part of the 1 for 1 deal, only the waffles are. Coffee is bad unfortunately.

Great coffee and food in a nostalgic 80s setting! Generous servings and robust coffee. Certainly a nice place to hang out with friends but they have a time limit of 1hr 20mins per table. Better to make reservations before hand cuz they are packed even on a weekday! Gonna try their high tea set (limited to 10 sets per day) next time!

Chicken mandi was a let down. Tough, dry and fried. Beef was also tough and a tad gamey. Servings were smaller than other Lebanese joints around that area. I shall stick to Byblos Grill next time!

What a hidden gem in a rustic HK style hotel! Pretty extensive menu and food was served fast although the restaurant was a little busy. Love the pork cheek and crispy hor fun, the signature ter ka bee hoon was also good. Love their chendol panna cotta too! Do alert staff before hand if you are using burpple beyond.

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Saw this on burpple beyond and decided to give it a try. Can’t remember the names for the dishes that we ordered but all of them came with huge portions (be very hungry!) and tasted awesome! It was one of the best meal we had in the past two months not forget to mention their hospitality that made us feel so welcome. Top notch service and food! Go for it!

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It doesn’t taste Thai at all. Just normal beef noodles with Thai basil, chili flakes and vinegar chili. Beef was tender though and it’s halal!