Italian Food🍝 Pasta & pizzas are my best friends🥰
Greek Others Other cuisines which are currently not in my burpple usual listings☺️
Thai, Mookata Thai Food😛 Always on the hunt for thai food!!😂 Be it mookata or authentic thai dishes eg. Phad Thai and Tom Yum soup🥘, ill never fail to crave for thai dishes☺️💯
Western Western Food🍔🍕 Mouthwatering western cuisine at an affordable price!!
Chinese Chinese Food🍜 List of all chinese restaurants that I have been to :)
Japanese Japanese Food🍱 Japanese food that is worth a try!!
Desserts Desserts😝🍰 Deserts that are as good as it looks😍
Korean BBQ, Korean Korean Food🥘 Any korean food that is nice and affordable!!