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Devilled Eggs Mixed with miso paste and was lightly caramelised with a blowtorch. Accompanied with crisp of parmesan, however the parmesan could be more crunchy. Definitely worth it for sharing! 😀
Press on, it’s nearing the end of this week already!! 💪🏻 Looking for brunch ideas this weekend? . . 🍳 Spiced Scrambled ($18) — Topped with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms on top of the toast, it’s surprisingly flavorful and also appealing to look at! 🤗 🥗 Kale Me Now ($15) — More veges including snow peas and cauliflower. Try this if you are a fan of mushrooms!! Loving the crispy kale on top, it gives a great crunchiness to the dish in overall! 👍🏻 ☕️ Do try out their coffee when you are there!! @gnohznaij told me that I had to try out their fresh brew and he wasn’t wrong!! 😋 (Pic shown is 5oz, available in 3oz $4.50, 5oz $5, 8oz $5.50) . . Cafe Ambience: 4/5 Food Rating: 7.5/10 Expected Damage: ~$18 (exclusive of service charge)
Scallops & Cold Pasta ($24) H O S T E D If you like truffle oil and happen to be fond of light, fresh flavours, then you ought not miss the Scallops & Cold Pasta, one of the many additions to the new menu at @bearded.bella. The scallops are first seared before they’re arranged on a large serving of al dente angel hair. Entwined with the strands of pasta are gelatinously-crunchy chuka wakame - they are those bright green strands of seaweed visible in my photo. Both are marinated in a lovely blend of truffle oil and yuzu ponzu. The aroma and taste of this dish veers towards the delicate. As it is served chilled, the pleasure of slurping up the slender strands of pasta is enhanced. When the weather is sweltering and the thought of eating something hot makes your sweat pores worry, this would do very nicely.
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