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Mum’s Thigh Meal The mum’s thigh meal is on promo at $6.90 until 31 Oct. It was good but sadly it wasn’t great though. It tastes similar to KFC’s zinger just that the burger had more ingredients in this. I didn’t like the cheese in the cheese fries though, they had an odd taste that clashed with the fries.
Thigh Burger Have heard about how delicious and juicy the original Mom’s Touch fried chicken is in Korea, but I guess it’s not the same here because the chicken I had was quite dry and also not very tasty. Most of the flavour was concentrated in the thick batter and the burger was kind of dry despite the sweet mayo-like sauce. Certainly didn’t help the experience when our fries came super cold and limp. Don’t think I’ll be giving them another try again. (Tried Jollibee just the day before and it was much much better.)
Mom’s Thigh Burger Meal ($6.80) Ordered via phone with a QR code provided! Items took about 15 minutes to be served on a weekday night. I swapped my side of fries to cheese fries (+$1.80) but was disappointed by the cheese - it had a bad stale aftertaste. Fries were served at room temperature. Burger was alright, kinda like a bumped up version of KFC’s Zinger. A little dry but has a nice crunch! I liked that there’s onions and pickles in the burger, it complemented the fried chicken well. Meal is on a special promotional price til end of October. I wouldn’t mind getting the burger again but I’d turn down the sides.
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Featured In 1 Guide
Mushroom Braised Beef Shank Dry Noodles This was actually not bad! Were not having much expectations but the noodles were surprising not bad, I wiped the entire bowl all by myself. The noodles were not as soft as what other reviews were saying on Burpple, maybe they improved already! 🙊⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Also ordered the Tofu w/ Century Egg, it was actually a cold dish. The base of it was sesame, if you don’t like it, you might wanna avoid ordering this! ⁣⁣
DIY your Lamien The braised beef won me over, its comparable to that of din tai fung. Also, love the Just-in-time lamien, where you can see the chefs pulling it just in the kitchen based on your customised noodle (i chose hard, wide and flat noodles) We had the beef bone soup brewed for 8 hours, and tomato based soup - which does taste uncannily like the spaghetti bolognese sauce. Nevertheless, both are refreshing, with the lava egg being the cherry on the top. Would also recommend the Tofu + Century Egg in mala as a side dish. Overall, a noodle joint with value for money dishes (even without burpple beyond!) Worth supporting while in Funan mall! ($22.40 for 2 noodles, 1 side dish, 1 drink)
Tomato Based Wagyu Beef Noodles The beef was tender and flavourful but there were only 3 pieces. I guess for the price I can't ask for more. I really enjoyed the soup base although some of my friends say it tastes like pasta sauce. And I also love how you can choose from 5 different thickness and size of noodles. For this price, I think it makes for a great meal and I would get this any day!
Yee Jun
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