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Vegetarian, Cheap & Good, Healthy Go Green Why ? Because my (your) mum says so .
Cheap & Good, Desserts Desserts I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
Hidden Gem, Cheap & Good Discounted Why pay more when you can benefit from these discounts ? The scout in me likes to search high and Low for great discounts .
Hidden Gem, Cheap & Good, Chinese Noodles . Slurp ! I prefer noodles over rice anytime :)
Hidden Gem, Bread, Cheap & Good Local Breads And Artisan Breads I crave for good artisan sourdough breads but the Singaporean in me loves a Soft pillowy red bean bun fresh from the oven anytime of the day.
Cheap & Good Value For Money I get extremely excited when I find a place that serves great food at great prices . I feel that the whole world should know :)