Again one of my favorite cafe!

So far they haven't fail mi in the 'cake section'. Never too sweet and the texture of the cake is smooth. Though cake is slightly more expensive (the portion is rather small), it's worth your money and time.

Total damage: ~$20


It's one of my favorite spot.

Old hen will always serve good coffee and today I had good cake too! They have different cakes all the time. So you will not know what you will get.

Do come down if you've never try their coffee before! It's totally worth your time and cash!


You might not see much Wanton there and indeed you can't see much in the menu. Wanton soup is one of the side dish.

The noodles is rather small portion but it's still filling as there are a lot of meats around. Noodle doesn't have a lot of lard smell which I can't stand. The noodle is not as springy as much as I like.

The noodles are with the meat. I find that roasted pork is so-so. The pork belly is nice and succulent. I would suggest 1 main with 2 noodles as the meat serving is big.

Side dish is Veg, Wanton soup and batalong egg (scotch egg). Veg is not too salty. Wanton soup is like. The minced meat used in scotch egg and wanton is the same and quite nice. The egg they used is a custard egg.

Worth a try if you want something.

Totally damage for the meal: ~$72

Taste similar to the one in HK. The egg tart tastes good but the pineapple bun is not as good. But this is the closest I can get in HK I guess.

The new tart is not as good. Interesting but didn't capture my attention as much.

Try the egg tart if you are around the area.

Damage to wallet: ~$22


Some different from the usual apple crumble but it's the same concept. It's well balanced, not too sweet. It doesn't look piping hot when it comes but it is really hot when you start digging your spoons in. So do be careful.


Looks a little scanty but it's about the quality but not the quantity (the mains can be quite a portion). You can choose the list of food from the menu and have a starter like this. My friends and I had chose potato croquette, meat loaf (which looks like roasted pork but tasted better and crispier) and pork schnitzel (cutlet). The service is not that fantastic guess it's due to lack of staff. But the food is good. Will go back again!


Innovative sushi roll. One of my favorite I must say. There's unagi, cream cheese and avocado. So you can imagine that the filling is quite smooth! The unagi is wrapped on top of the sushi with salmon roe. Cost: $14.95.


One of the recommedations by the shopkeeper. I will usually take chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream but well this combination is not too bad. Just a little too much chocolate to my liking. The brownie is not too sweet on its own. The milo ice cream is yes milo. Texture is good but just don't have that much of a 'Wow' factor when I eat it. Probably it's my problem. Cost $7.90 so can't complain much. Can drop by after dinner.


Innovative sushi roll. This is with lots of shellfish. Not for people who are allergy to them. You can find soft shell crabs and prawn salad in it. Besides it, there's this baked cheese cracker and strawberry bits on it which gives the sushi roll a different texture and taste. Something worth trying. Cost: $16.95 and you can get a non-sugar green tea with extra $1.


Salmon salad which includes a tray of cabbages, cherry tomatoes, grapefruit and etc. It's little too sour for my liking even I didn't pour all the dressing in when I tossed it. Quite a serving which is good for 1-2. Costs $11.95


One of my favorite dinner place which never fails me. Affordable and good quality food! It may look unappealing but it's not too sweet and the custard is smooth. They offer different flavor crème brûlée, do ask the staff before ordering.

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You see what you get. Cost a little more but you indeed get real crab meat! A lot of carbs and protein! I hope there's slightly more vegetables...