Hawker Food Fried Carrot Cake A simple dish, but its so delicious tat today it is a highly popular street food here. Stired-fried crispy beaten eggs w chai po, jus so savoury !
Hawker Food Yong Tau Foo Traditional Hakka style food with beancurds being the highlight of all the specialties. Soup is always mouthwatering and the noodles r delightful !
Hawker Food Fishball Noodle A classic appetising local delight ! The delectable noodle n the yummy fishballs will send the insatiable crave spell into your appetite. Lets dig in
Chicken Rice Chicken Rice The grand daddy of the hawker food here ! It is extremely scrumptious with the rice, the soup, the chilli and most importantly, the chicken !
Hawker Food Rojak One of the highly popular hawker snacks in Singapore... its abt that tantalising Hae Ko (Shrimp Paste) and tat yummy fried dough fritters....
Hawker Food Satay An iconic local food and really delectable ! As a Singaporean, all satays are great frm all races, but we r gg to find out whr r they !
Hawker Food Curry Chicken Noodle Curry Chicken Noodle is a authentic local delights n it will be a mistake to overlook... i will review some of the super heavenly n mouthwatering ones
Hawker Food Lor Mee There are many delectable Lor Mees here.. thou i am not complete of perfect... but at least, i know and i will share the hot Lor Mees here in Sg