Hawker Food Oyster Omelette Known as Orh luak or Hao Jian. Egg omelette w sweet potato flour n of cuz the mus haf oysters, fried to the perfection of a crispy, mouthwaterin dish!
Hawker Food, Desserts Tau Suan Sweet-toothed enthusiatic foodies' fav !! It always a routine tat one has to finish off a scrumptious hawker main meal w a dough fritters dessert !
Hawker Food Fish Soup Ladies' fav, i assume.. Teochew origin fish broth. When it comes to hawker food w health in consideration, this is it ! I haf a few fav n wana share
Hawker Food Western Food Beef on hot plate, Fish n Chips, popular chicken chop.. even pastas by the hawker way. As gd as a restaurant chef, where n who r they ? Lets find out!
Char Kway Teow, Hawker Food Char Kway Teow Cockles... Chn Sausages... pork lard which is impt... A hot fav among the local foodies here.. Char Kway Teow can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Hawker Food Wonton Noodles Cantonese egg noodle dish tat is served dry tossed w char siew, veg, bowl of soup n chilli sauce... highly common but who really has tat winnin taste
Hawker Food Nasi Lemak Nasi lemak is rice w coconut cream. A brilliant malay culture recipe dish. Nasi lemak has evolved these days, fried wings n otah r very popular w it !
Hawker Food Fried Carrot Cake A simple dish, but its so delicious tat today it is a highly popular street food here. Stired-fried crispy beaten eggs w chai po, jus so savoury !