Beef & Pecorino cheese

Cheesy goodness in every bite

Quite costly and not very filling

Taste good nevertheless.

Will return to get a tray next time for future family or friends gatherings

Star dish here 4 me.

Crispy garlic and tender roasted pork.

A Must try

Popular tang yuan in sg with many flavours.

My favourite is the peanut filling with almond soup

This BCM is good. The liver tasted fresh and the fish all texture rather bouncy.

Overall very satisfied

Homely ambiance. Friendly staff

Ngoh hiang is very good, a must try.

And the chicken curry tasted good as well. Chicken is fresh.

For a moment, I was in Italy.

Tasted good. Pistachio is A MUST-TRY here

1 for 1

Butterscotch goooooood!

Milo also good, but nothing special.

Next time I pint Butterscotch home. Awesome.


Surprisingly good.

Chee cheong fan(char siew) :definitely best dish i had today.

Also had the tom yam siew mai(unique) and loh mai gai, both so so only.

Har gow was bouncy and juicy. 👍

I miss this so much. Used to eat this once a week 10 years ago.

Every bite is so nostalgic, bringing me back to memories from when botak jones was around.

Newly opened stall at ARC380.

This Congee is rather appetising.

Big bowl, looks good, tastes good