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This stall has been around 448 market since a decade ago. When I used to stay in clementi, I will eat this once a week without fail.

The curry still as spicy as ever. Shiok.

For only $4


$6 single portion

Long waiting time, but love how the salted fish fused into the rice after mixing.

The chicken sauce is also good l.

Chicken is boneless as well.

Easy to eat and tasty.

$1 each

The egg pudding was silky smooth.

The crust was a little tasteless I feel

This hawker is pretty Crowded on sunday morning. Didnt have much time to queue for the other awesome food there.

Decided to try this muslim food stall. .

Shorter queue and tasted surprisingly nice.

The char siew is soft and tender.

Taste very good.

Wouldn't mind coming back again just for the char siew.


Not worth the money. Taste like any other hk milk tea I had elsewhere.

And a few big sips and the bottle is empty. Have to ration whilst eating

Upon reaching Maxwell, this store had a snaking queue.

Was wondering if it's really that nice. I was not dissappointed

1) roasted duck skin was crispy and juicy.
2) the char siew was slightly charred so it tasted good
3) the roasted pork skin was so crispy as well


The sambal damn shiok.

The tomato fried rice so so only. Will go for chicken rice instead next time.

Skin is expectedly crispy.


The chilli is good.

Everything else just taste as good as other popular braised duck rice i had in Singapore.

I would say yu kee is better.

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Nothing fantastic. Decent.

Just to have your char kway teow fix as and when have cravings

Feeling hungry while at punggol cc for an event.

Found a coffee shop nearby.

The western food here seems like a new shop.

Had the double chicken chop, decided to try cheesy and devilish

Super spicy. ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ

The cheesy flavour became tasteless due to the spiciness from the devilish sauce.