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A Label To Remember Blue Label prides itself as serving the best pizza in Singapore, and indeed it does. It’s not easy to get a table here, as the restaurant’s often fully booked in advance. With its casual but sophisticated charm, it’s hard not to love this place. An upscale pizzeria, the restaurants keeps things grounded with the 80s rock music playing in the background that is very much reminiscent of your typical American diners. Its intimate size also makes the experience more personal - and I have only the highest compliments for the service we were dished. They were extremely accommodating with our requests as a large group celebrating a birthday! Now, on to the dishes proper… There’s something inventive in the way Blue Label gives its own twist on each pizza dish - blending what I would consider atypical flavours and textures for pizzas together. Case in point: the Umami Bomb ($29) is assembled with shiitakes, spinach, lemon, anchovy, goat’s cheese, and a cornmeal crust. It was really an explosion of umami-ness, and probably my favourite just because of its uniqueness. The other popular pizzas in the house that came recommended are the J-Dog ($32) and Black Magic ($38). The pork sausage on the J-Dog was one of the tastier ones I’ve had on pizzas, and the jalapeño red sauce was just fantastic. The Black Magic did feel like it has some secret magic in the black truffle cream sauce which was pretty heavenly. What makes this place the best pizza place for me is their amazing pizza dough, superb ingredients, and standout base sauces. When you’re there, don’t miss out on the starters either. The honey-garlic-sriracha chicken wings ($14 for 3 drumsticks & wings) were well-glazed with a kick of spiciness and sweetness at the same time. Their State Fair Fries ($25) would satisfy both lovers of fries and wedges, as they are something of an in-between. Having the fried egg and shaved truffle to top the dish was something pretty unique as well. It won’t be long til I return here again - hopefully, if I can get seats ;)
A hole in the wall. Not really but tucked away in a small alley, it’s hard to get a table @bluelabelpizza which serve one of the best pizza in town! Even with a reservation, we still had to wait at least 15 minutes for our table, that’s how packed the place is. • What can be more delicious than Dr Pepperoni ($31) that is topped with red sauce, mozzarella, capers, chilli oil and of course thinly sliced pepperoni 🍕 The crust is cook to perfection, not too thin nor too thick. Just plain good that you have to taste it. They also carry an excellent selection of red and wine wines to go with the pizzas. • Blue Label Pizza & Wine Address: 28 Ann Siang Road, B1-01, Singapore 069708 #bluelabelpizza
Grandma’s Carrot Cake ($12) The server recommended that we get the cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top but we ended up choosing 600g of warm, fluffy goodness; bit pricey but the portion was HUGE. If you love carrot cake, this one will not disappoint!
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A casual place with live music for catch-up over some booze and grills. We came for their steak and lamp rack grills but were kinda disappointed. The cuts weren’t good to start with, too much stubborn fats on the lamb while steak was lacking of the fatty juiciness. The sauces didn’t do much help to enhance the taste either. With the #burpplebeyond 1-for-1, the meal was just alright to speak about.
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Lamb Rack Lamb Rack ($38) . Baked then seared lamb rack @bistroduo served with vegetables and mash and drizzled with black pepper sauce. Loved the flavours, meat was succulent and cooked medium rare. There were a total of 4 chunky pieces of lamb chops on the plate. Thankfully with @burpplebeyond, it made this dish way less painful on the wallet as we got the beef tenderloin ($38) as our other main dish.
Lamb Rack ($38) Bistro Duo is one of those bars/restaurants that reminds me of the western places my parents would bring me when I was younger, complete with a live band and boooooze. They’ve got a range of pizzas, pastas and western-inclined seafood and meat dishes that’s simple but tasty. This lamb rack came 1-for-1 thanks to Burpple Beyond (got this with their beef tenderloin). Three thick lamb chops in a brown sauce, it was done nicely medium rare. There’s quite a bit of fat on these (yuuuuuummy but scary too 😂), so watch out if that’s not your thing. It also comes with a side of broccoli and mash. Not bad but great value with Burpple Beyond!
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