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Lunch Buffet On Weekend Damage: 49.90 +$3 (weekend) ++ Add-on : sake $14 Me and my cousin, went ahead to go for lunch without hesitation. The experience of reorder wagyu meat is just insane and we can order whatever menu they have!! Garlic rice, seafood, sashimi, takoyaki etc. The deal was was, both of us ordered 10 plates worth of tri-tip is worth mentioning. Unsure what to eat, wagyu buffet is good for celebration and great occasion to a meaty day! Cheers!
US Wagyu Tongue 38.8++(eatigo 50%) For 100g, really expensive with or without discount because the texture is gonna be slightly chewy, slightly crunchy no matter which cow it comes from(that isnt marbling im q sure). Bincho's version was super soft but idk how they did it, idt it's just Grilling but if it were, it was a very time consuming process on low heat and it's tough to do here, esp with such a Thin slice. Basically not worth getting it there P. S. Anyway i suggest charring both sides quite a bit, since it's gonna be that texture anyway might as well get more flavour and crisp on the surface(it's less chewy too as the moisture evaporates and it shrinks)
A5 Miyazaki Chuck Short Rib This is how it should look like after flaming. Theres no way u can get this colour without over cooking if u just grill it normally. Anyway just wanted to use this pic to talk about my first ever yakiniku experience in japan. Back then i was enchanted with the maillard reaction and i proceeded to give a complete Char on every single slice of beef. Yeah i got crust but i obviously over cooked everything, leaving high quality cuts tough . If i could go back in time i would have slapped myself and Tell him to sit tight and watch carefully. Somehow i recall my second try being a lot better though for no apparent reason. Anyway moral of the story dont be an idiot like me and over cook every single piece of beef, you're wasting quality cuts if you do so lol
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Buffet Feasts   Wok-Fried Spicy Prawns with Wild Petai. The perfectly-cooked stink beans were coated in a robust sambal made with yellow ginger, lime leaves, fresh chilli and garlic. Read more:
[Buffet] Kintamani Indonesian Buffet With Burpple Beyond, each diner pays about $30++ at Kintamani. There’s apparently other credit card promotions where it’s 1 for 1 as well for $65, and the staff are kind enough to split the bill so you can use both the Burpple Beyond redemptions (above 8 pax) and the credit card offer. There was overall a good spread of food at Kintamani, and it was really worth it at the Burpple Beyond price. From the gado gado station, to the main dishes, noodles station, and desserts area, I found the food was actually pretty good! I especially enjoyed the prawn keropok, and used the chilli sauces liberally. The sambal chilli sauces were spicy and oh so shiok 😍 food items I found notable at this buffet were: chicken with green chilli (so tender and packed with flavour from the ground chillies!), curry tofu and egg, curry beef tendon, achar, green mango salad, udang kicap manis, satay and mini red bean pau (this really surprised me as I don’t really like red bean paus, but this was bite sized, plus the filling was awesome since you could feel the texture of the mashed beans inside rather than a paste). As for the desserts, there’s quite a few fruits and Indonesian kueh/cakes/sweets to choose from. I really liked the cake lapis, as well as the chilled durian pengat, and warm green bean with sago soup. Overall a good buffet, and especially worth it given the 1 for 1 offer! Place does get a little cold so bring a jacket/scarf if needed. The seating is a little cramped too, but it’s not so bad that it’s unbearable, just need to get your friends to shift in their chairs so you can get to the inner seats. :)
For Indonesian Favourites Something that sets Kintamani apart from other buffets is its focus on quality over quantity. At $45 for lunch and $48 for dinner, this would be a great place to bring Dad on Father's Day if he enjoys comforting flavors. Serving up a concise range of Indonesian favourites like Tahu Telor and Ayam Mesak Merah, you're up for a satisfying meal with 10 hot stations and a delectable kueh and ice cream selection. Live The Good Life® with your Standard Chartered Card: 1-for-1 buffet. Valid till 31 December 2014. Maximum 8 persons per card.
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For a Halal Buffet with a Wide Variety Gather the colleagues for a feast at this restaurant on Orchard Road. Fitted with Halal-certified kitchens and an eclectic range of cusines including Mediterranean, Indian, local Chinese and Japanese, there'll be something for everyone. Seafood lovers will adore their salmon and steamed clams. Sweet tooths, check out their ice cream parlour with 13 flavours on rotation — the community recommends the rich salted egg yolk and chendol flavours. If you've got extra space, plop your ice cream on their freshly made waffles. Pro tip: Make reservations to avoid disappointment! Buffet Prices: Lunch (from $56), Dinner (from $76). Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan *Halal-certified
Haha recently I went to quite a few buffets! Food party time! Buffet is always great for celebrations especially for big groups of family and friends. It is also good for office team lunch. Everyone get to choose what they want to eat. Great variety and unlimited serving is definitely a big plus for gatherings. . Featuring the lunch buffet at Carousel in @royalplazaonscotts Carousel buffet serves international gastronomy! From Mediterranean, Asian, Korean, Japanese fare, a lavish seafood spread, French Rotisserie, and delightful dessert stations! We were all spoilt for choice and so impressed with the amazing spread! There were hits and misses! Love the Teppanyaki, Pasta and Kebab! Of course the desserts were amazing too. They even have Salted Egg Yolk ice cream. I didn't try it though haha. . Carousel was also Voted the Best Buffet Restaurant in Singapore at AsiaOne People's Choice Awards for 7th consecutive year! Well done! 👍 . All the food at Carousel is prepared in Halal-certified kitchens. Great for our Muslims friends! . Weekdays: Lunch - S$68.27, Dinner - S$94.16 Weekends: Lunch - S$80.04, Dinner - S$103.58 ============================ Carousel 📍25 Scotts Rd Royal Plaza 📍Singapore 228220 ============================ Blog: ============================ #singapore #burpple
🎶You can be a SWEET dream, or a beautiful nightmare~🎶 . It sure was a nightmare for almost half of my dept who suffered from diarrhoea after dining at Carousel. . Probably not because of these pretty alluring sweet treats (look at all the choux puffs, macarons, cakes & choc fondue 🤤🤤🤤) but still, i wont be returning. . ⛔[BLAKLISTED]⛔
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