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Mushroom Pizza Do you see what I see ? Hidden in a quiet corner of oasia hotel is slow bakes - a beautiful bakery cafe that is affiliated with real food . The previous real food situated at the basement of Square 2 at Novena has moved to be amalgamated with slow bakes . A beautiful and Instagram worthy cafe where you choose to have homemade sourdough breads and vegan pastries With organic coffee or choose to have a full fledge lunch of organic salads , full day breakfast , soups , their signature vegan dumpling noodles or their alluring hand stretched sourdough pizzas . The mushroom pizza has an incredibly thin base with a nice puffed up side crust . Seemingly simple ingredients of mushrooms , garlic olive oil and vegan cheese but such an explosion of flavours ! Baked in an oven fired up by wooden chafts - how better than to prepare a pizza . I like how the pizza crust has such a good sourdough tang. This makes this pizza not only yummy but also nutritious and easier for digestion . The other house favourites are the patate pizza and the roasted ( vegan ) peppers pizza .
Fragrant Tea-filled Buns The Earl Grey Bun is also a popular flavour at Slow Bakes. It comes with a beautiful thick earl grey filling bundled in an earl-grey flavoured bun. It’s also a completely vegan bread. The aroma from the tea is strong and inviting - surprised how they managed to tease out the tea flavour so well in the bun and filling. Texture of the buns here tend to be on the doughy side rather than the fluffy side, but they’re all pillowy soft. Sadly I’m not such a huge fan of the texture of the buns, but it was not bad overall especially if you like earl grey. Quite pricey for a small bun at $2.80, but it’s evident how much effort went into its making, plus it’s also organic so take that into consideration when patronising Slow Bakes.
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Rare Prawn Paste In Yong Tau Foo $4.50 for a bowl of Yong Tau Foo. Everything in this bowl is above average! Chewy and bouncy meatballs and prawn paste! Love the idea of having prawn paste within because that was what attracted me to want to try Ban Nian in the first place. Also, staff was v thoughtful in asking if bittergourd was to be removed because not many consume bittergourd! 👍🏻 However, this place was relatively difficult to find.
5.5nett portion Happy that it's the exact same taste as the other outlet. Prawn paste was just as ridiculously bouncy, and the meatballs were juicy and bouncy as well. Loved the soft tofu that soaks up the light broth well
Chicken wings set ($6/4 pieces). Never would I have expected Bai Nian, one of my favourite Yong Tau Foo stalls, to serve such flavoursome fried chicken wings! Taking over the defunct Sing HK Cafe Stall at Fu Chan Food Paradise, the newly opened Bai Nian has already attracted continuous crowd. Though the chicken wings could get a little salty, but the fragrant touch of prawn paste was commendable; boosted the savoriness yet not overpowering. Each bite into the crispy and rather thick batter reveals a whole lot of juicy tender chicken meat. And if you are a fan of the chicken rice type of chili, I am sure you would enjoy their chili too that goes so well with the chicken wings. #burpple #burpplesg #instafood_sg #sgfoodies #sgfood #sgeats #wheretoeatsg #sghawker #sgigfoodies #sgigfood #bainian #friedchickenwings #fuchanfoodparadise
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